Combating wildlife crime

ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) was established in 2005 to facilitate and motivate public involvement in efforts to combat wildlife trade, and to improve the effectiveness of front line law enforcement agencies. The WCU administers a public toll-free national hotline for reporting wildlife crimes. Information reported through the hotline is passed on to the appropriate authorities. ENV then works closely with law enforcement agencies, tracking each case through to conclusion, and documenting the results on ENV’s Wildlife Crime Database. The WCU strives to achieve a successful outcome for each case, helping coordinate placement of animals, providing advice to the authorities, and encouraging bold action that would serve to deter future crime.

In addition, the WCU works directly with violators to secure voluntary compliance, and runs a growing national network of volunteers who assist with monitoring and surveying urban centers and wildlife trade hotspots throughout Vietnam.  The WCU has documented more than 4,500 wildlife crime cases as of November 2012..  

In 2008, ENV initiated a field investigation program working closely with law enforcement agencies conducting investigations on priority species groups including bears, tigers, rhino horn trade, and ivory trade. 

Strengthening wildlife policy and legislation

ENV’s “Capitol Group” program was established in 2008 and works to build support amongst key government decision-makers in the National Assembly, relevant Ministries and provincial leaders to help formulate policy and strengthen legislation and enforcement aimed at protecting wildlife.



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