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Monkey hunting an inhuman jobEx-tycoon embarks on 20,000km bike trip for charityTwelve endangered Sumatran tigers captured on film in Indonesian rainforest that is about to be cleared by loggersTwelve endangered Sumatran tigers captured on film in Indonesian rainforest that is about to be cleared by loggers

Woman poisoned by rhino horn
A 21 year old woman, Hang, from Hoan Kiem, Hanoi revealed she had spent a large amount of money buying rhino horn to treat her mouth rash after trying other medicine without success.

Do not use bear bile or herbal leaves to treat a sprain
Some of the traditional treatments that are commonly used for a sprain include covering the affected area with heated herbal leaves, rubbing with tiger balm or Gac core alcohol and using bear bile.  

Vietnam bans massage oil with bear bile extract
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), proposes to recall a massage oil ‘Misa Bear’ from the market as it contains bile extracted from bears which are currently an endangered species.

Viet Nam looks to Lao for further collaboration on illegal wildlife trade control
23 May 2011, Ha Noi – From 23 to 27 May, the Viet Nam Administration of Forestry and
other relevant authorities are hosting two workshops with government counterparts from Lao
PDR to build on recent bilateral efforts to monitor the illegal cross-border trade of wildlife.

Twelve endangered Sumatran tigers captured on film in Indonesian rainforest that is about to be cleared by loggers

Footage of 12 endangered Sumatran tigers has been recorded in an Indonesian forest that is about to be cleared by loggers.

Da Lat wildlife kingpin untouchable
Conservationists livid as alleged notorious wildlife trader dodges prosecution, fines

Lid lifted on Vietnamese rhino horn trade
April 2011—A hard-hitting documentary hosted by Dan Rather to be screened next Tuesday on HDNet television in the USA and Canada reveals the extent of the rhino horn trade to Viet Nam and how it is fuelling a rhino poaching crisis in southern Africa.

Ivory seized from Quang Ninh warehouse
Police in the northern Quang Ninh Province on Monday seized 122 elephant tusks from the warehouse of Hung Vuong Limited, a company based in Mong Cai City, Dan Tri reported.

New dragonfly species for Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, 19 April 2011 –
A new dragonfly species was discovered the first time in Vietnam by the Wildlife At Risk (WAR), the Aethriamanta aethra.

Quang Nam to have another Sao La reserve
The central province of Quang Nam has decided to establish a conservation zone for Sao La (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis), a wildlife species at risk of extinction living along the border between Vietnam and Laos.

An expensive and destructive hobby
VietNamNet Bridge – Though the law bans the trade and use of wildlife products, some rich people collect these products to prove their wealth and status.

Rare turtle’s habitat discovered in Vietnam’s Central Highlands
A group of scientists have discovered that Lam Dong Province in the Central Highlands is the habitat of an endangered turtle species, Saigon Tiep Thi reported Monday.

New frog species discovered in central Vietnam
A team of scientists has discovered a new species of anuran  in central Vietnam's Langbian plateau, VnExpress reported Saturday.

Vietnam zoo owner jailed for tiger sales
The owner of a private zoo in Vietnam has been jailed for three years for selling the endangered tigers that he was supposed to protect, a conservation group and officials said Friday.

Stop Bear Farming/Bile Company's Listing on China Stock Exchange

Gui ZhenTang Pharmaceutical Company, a Chinese bear bile producer in Fujian Province, has been preparing to get listed on the Chinese stock market to expand its bear farming and bile manufacturing activities.

Expats commit to ending bear bile farming
It may be the year of the rabbit. But the Asiatic black bear, commonly known as the “moonbear,” is center stage for a growing number of expatriates this year.

Ex-tycoon embarks on 20,000km bike trip for charity
After a long day of waiting, in the late afternoon on March 9, we finally caught sight of a big man riding a huge motorcycle towards the Bear Rescue Center in Tam Dao near Hanoi.

Press Release: WSPA Partner provokes Vietnamese crackdown on bear farms
In the occasion of the Vietnamese government has announced a crackdown on illegal bear bile tourism, following reports of bile extraction for tourists by Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has released an International Press Release: WSPA Partner provokes Vietnamese crackdown on bear farms.

Travel companies threatened with closure over bear bile tour
VietNamNet Bridge – Travel companies risk losing their business licences if they take international tourists to illegally buy bear bile in localities nation-wide, said director of the Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism Nguyen Van Tuan.

Red-headed crane habitat under threat

The regular arrival of the red-headed cranes every dry season has long meant the successful preservation of natural environment in the country.

Monkey hunting an unhuman job
The shrieks and plaintive cries of monkeys when hunted or trapped can send a chill down the spine of the most seasoned hunter.

Turtle hurdle
Successful evasion of capture by Hoan Kiem Lake turtle raises hopes it can be restored to health, but the health of the lake itself is another matter

Decree strengthens forest protection
Vietnam advocates making local people responsible for nature preservation to effectively protect their forests.

Wildlife law enforcers build skills to combat illegal wilflife trade
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam - Law enforcers are being trained this week on how to identify threatened reptile species and familiarize themselves with international wildlife protection policies in an effort to combat illegal wildlife trade in the ASEAN region.

Poachers kill rare rhino in national park
VIET NAM — Vetinarians looking into the death of a rare Javan rhinoceros in Cat Tien National Park have said it died from gun shot wounds.

Two-year jail term for selling wildlife to Vietnam’s rich
Knowing that the wealthy are the most likely to purchase wild animals, their parts or derivatives to mix and consume with alcohol to make them feel stronger and more invigorated, wildlife trader Mr. Ho Ngoc Hue collected wildlife specialties to sell to customers and restaurants.

Bear bile tourism thrives despite exposes
Influential people might be supporting illegal industry, says a prominent lawmaker. Article by An Dien - Thanhniennews

The auction of confiscated tiger bone glue is illegal
Associate Professor Dr Bui Cach Tuyen, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources & the Environment, has responded to the recent auction of 2.77kg of tiger bone glue sanctioned by the Thanh Hoa People’s Committee by declaring the auction illegal.

Wildlife protectors turn 'middlemen'
Thanh Hoa authorities say tiger glue auction is legal; NGO slams it as a self-defeating move. A decision to auction nearly three kilograms glue made from bones of a seized tigers carcass by Thanh Hoa Province defeat the very purpose of conservation, activists charge.

Conservation of tiger glue-Tiger conservation efforts end up in glue pots?
On November 19, 2010, the Thanh Hoa People’s Committee issued document number 6414/UBND-NN allowing a provincial government department to auction off 2.77kg of tiger glue. An ENV investigation found that the glue fetched 50 million VND/kg at the sale.

One Last Chance to Save the Tiger (November 10, 2010)
An excellent article from the Guardian about the upcoming tiger summit in Russia highlighting differing views on protection efforts thus far and the future of the world’s 3,200 remaining wild tigers 

Tiger trading - big profits - little punishment
On May 26, 2010, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) organized a workshop announcing the results of tiger trade monitoring in Vietnam, as well outlining the current situation and presenting solutions to the tiger trade issue

Caught in the act, bear gall farm gets off with a fine (Posted July 28, 2010)
VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s Chief Prosecutor has instructed Quang Ninh province officials  to impose severe administrative fines on farms caught trading in bear gall, according to crusading National Assembly deputy Nguyen Dinh Xuan

Nguyen Dinh Xuan - a legislator & environmental activist (Posted July 28, 2010)
VietNamNet talked with National Assembly (NA) deputy Nguyen Dinh Xuan, who was recently honored by Bern city for protecting bears

On use of tiger bone glue in Vietnam (Posted June 25, 2010)
According to Professor Anh, Chief of Vietnam’s Animal Association, fake tiger bone glue is common in the market with more than 70% of the samples he tested proving to be fake. 

The pangolin trade in Vietnam (Posted June 12, 2010)
A series of three articles published in Vietnam’s press about the pangolin trade in Vietnam.  Note:  Although the articles contain some factual errors, they also provide insight on certain aspects of the trade such as using starch to increase the selling weight of live animals.  Translations by ENV
Link to articles:
The first part: Female traders
The second part: Fattening the pangolins for sale
The last part: Onwards to Hanoi

The Bear in the Bottle (January 25, 2010)
An article that appeared in The Word Hanoi magazine in November 2009 on the wildlife trade in Vietnam and ENV’s efforts to combat consumer wildlife crimes.

'Bears tortured to meet Asian thirst for bile' (October 3, 2009)
A news article about the bear bile industry in Vietnam and efforts to manage bear farms.

Bears and the cost to humanity (September 10, 2009)
An article written by National Assembly member Nguyen Dinh Xuan urging authorities to put an end to bear farming.

Hundreds of bears need protecting (July 13, 2009)
The translation of a news article from the local press on the operation of bear farms in Quang Ninh province. The article highlights illegal bear tourism activities at one of the farms.   

'Animals Asia calls for action as pathologists warn of contaminants in bear bile' (September 22, 2008).

Openly keeping bears for extraction (May 17, 2008)
A news article about the Quang Ninh bear farms and the fact that they are openly operating an illegal business that encourages tourists to break the law, and is in direct conflict with existing laws on wildlife protection.

The importance of confiscating the illegal bears in Quang Ninh (May 10, 2008)
A news article that appeared in Labour Newspaper highlighting the importance of confiscating illegal bears that are discovered by the authorities. 

Microchipped bears still being slaughtered for food (October 31, 2007)
A translated news article about the illegal bears in Quang Ninh and criticizing the lack of enforcement and monitoring by local authorities resulting in continuation and widespread violations.

'Quang Ninh: tens of bears discovered without microchips' (Unofficial translation of article published in the Nong thon ngay nay newspaper on 28 September 2007).

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