ENV, Boo, and Karibon work in partnership to raise awareness on air pollution.

Hanoi, September 27th 2010 – KARIBON, BOO and ENV have jointly organized the Award Ceremony for the  National Poster Competition about Air Pollution at Nguyen Du school with the aim to raise awareness about environment protection.
Sixteen students were awarded prizes, the winners selected from 355 entries from school children across Vietnam. Four excellent winning posters were drawn by students from Hue, Hanoi and HCM city.
The awards were presented in front of School Principal, Mrs. Pham Thi Tuyet, the Australian Ambassador, Mr. Allaster Cox and other distinguished guests. The poster competition and Award Ceremony were supported by KARIBON face wear, fashion brand for youth BOO and Education for Nature in Vietnam (ENV).
Mr. Allaster Cox, and other distinguished guests took memory photos with the six awarded students.
“This partnership shows that environmentally-aware, small businesses can support students to understand and take action on air pollution in Vietnam,” said Lien, Director of Karibon face wear.
Monitoring has found air pollutants regularly exceed international standards in and around heavy traffic zones in Hanoi and HCM city.
The school-based program encouraged students to share their experiences about air pollution and to express their thoughts and feelings about air quality through designing an awareness-raising poster.
"Air pollution is the good topic for young generate to share the experience. The competition makes everyone think and find a way to have our clean air”, said Mrs. Pham Thi Tuyet, the principal of Nguyen Du school.

“School students are the future leaders of Vietnam. The national poster competition gave students the opportunity to think creatively about addressing the issues of air quality” said Trang, Environment Manager, BOO.
“Motorbikes and cars are leading sources of air pollutants in Hanoi. We can all take small steps such as keeping our motorbikes well maintained, riding a bicycle, walking or using public transport to help clear the air of harmful pollutants” said Dung, a manager from ENV
The Award Ceremony will be attended by winners of the poster competition from Hue and Hanoi and representatives of the Australian Embassy, Karibon face wear, BOO and ENV.

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