Woman poisoned by rhino horn

A 21 year old woman, Hang, from Hoan Kiem, Hanoi revealed she had spent a large amount of money buying rhino horn to treat her mouth rash after trying other medicine without success. Hang tried rhino horn as a treatment after reading a document that indicated rhino horn was a good medicine for releasing heat and poison as well as for the treatment of mouth-rash.

Two days after Hang used the rhino horn to treat her mouth rash she developed further erythema and pimples.  The irritation also spread to her face and arms and she developed a fever. When Hang went to the Clinical Allergy - Immunity Department in Bach Mai Hospital, her disease was diagnosed as an allergic reaction due to poisoning as a result of using the rhino horn medicine.

Dr.Nguyen Huu Truong from the Allergy Clinic, Immunity Center in Bach Mai Hospital said there is no evidence to prove that  rhino horn reduces fever.  In addition, rhino horn can cause an allergic reaction and poisoning due to unfamiliar ingredients in the mixture.  People are warned not to self-medicate with rhino horn but instead to seek the advice of a doctor for the treatment of their illness.

Translated by Nguyen Phuong Lien – Communication officer on June 28th 2011; Edited by Kerry Henry on June 29, 2011,
Please note:  Translated by Education for Nature – Vietnam.  This translation is unofficial in nature.  The Vietnamese language version of this story can be obtained by contacting ENV.

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