Press Release: Green Forest No. 29

Hanoi, March 24, 2009 – Tigers have long been considered a significant part of Vietnamese culture. Tigers are respected for their power and beauty, and considered to be king of the jungle (ong ba muoi).

Unfortunately, the tiger’s powerful status has not protected them well from their most lethal predator – humans. Hunting and illegal trade of tigers, combined with loss of prey species and rapidly disappearing habitat, have driven tigers to the brink of extinction across their range world. Today, experts believe that only about 3,500 tigers remain in the wild, and fewer than 100 wild tigers remaining in Vietnam. 

A tiger, longing to be released from a cage and returned to the wild, is featured on the front cover of the 29th issue of ENV’s popular student nature magazine, Green Forest. In this issue’s feature section, readers have the opportunity to learn more about these magnificent animals and the threats they face to their survival.

Also in this exciting issue, Green Forest readers can discover the amazing world of mangrove forests and learn about the critical role mangroves play providing habitat for many species, and in preventing and decreasing the effects of climate change, learn about the harmful effects of pesticide on the environment, or explore the many beautiful and rare species of fauna and flora at Kon Ka Kinh National Park. Additional special interest sections examine, two powerful and interesting natural phenomena; red tide and lightening, while our fauna and flora spotlight features horseshoe crabs and the kingdom of fungi!

As always, student readers can take on the role of a government minister to express their ideas about what they might do to protect nature and the environment were they to be minister for a day. Readers also share their thoughts and ideas about environmental protection with other readers through stories, poems, or letters mailed to ENV and published in Green Forest.

Green Forest is distributed free to environmental education programs, students in local schools, National Parks and Nature Reserves throughout Vietnam.

ENV wishes to thank the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and Toyota Motor Vietnam for supporting this important educational resource. ENV would also like to thank our friends, supporters, and readers who continue to make valuable contributions to the Green Forest.


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