Press Release: Green Forest No. 26

Education forNature – Vietnam (ENV) has just released its 26th issue of the popular children’s nature magazine, Green Forest.  This latest issue of Green Forest features an exciting new format, providing student readers with an opportunity to learn about a range of environmental issues through short feature stories, activities, games, and contributions to the magazine from other children from around the country. 

Green Forest 26 kicks off with a feature article about Asiatic elephants that will help you to understand more about the lives of these highly social animals, as well as the difficulties and threats that they face as a result of loss of habitat and hunting. Unlike in previous issues however, readers will also have the chance to learn about a variety of other creatures, ranging from ants to sharks and even to colorful corals, our beautiful tropical forests beneath the sea. In this issue, readers will also gain a better understanding of one of the most concerning environmental issues today – global warming, and its potentially devastating effects upon the natural environment. 

Readers also experience a journey to Van Long Nature Reserve, home of the critically
endangered Delacour langur, learn about the legend of the magnificent Hoan Kiem turtle, venture along the Amazon River in South America, and read about the fabulous efforts to rescue three baby bears that were smuggled across the border into Vietnam from Laos. 

This latest issue of Green Forest also features a new section “I wish I could”, where students have an opportunity to express their ideas about what they would do to protect Vietnam’s environment if they were a high-ranking minister. 

However, not everything about this Green Forest has changed. As in all issues, students have the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with other readers through stories, poems, jokes and other contributions mailed to ENV. A variety of games, puzzles, and comics all make learning about nature and the environment with Green Forest enjoyable. 

Green Forestis a student magazine produced twice each year by ENV and distributed free
through the ENV Family Network to students, schools and environmental educators throughout Vietnam.

ENV wishes to thank the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) for supporting this important educational resource.


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