Press Release: Green Forest No. 25

Ambassador of The Sky

Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) released the latest issue of the popular student activity magazine, Green Forest, on Vietnam’s birds, entitled “Ambassador of The Sky“. 

This newest issue of Green Forest is aimed at providing student readers with the opportunity to learn about different types of birds, their ecology, and the role that birds play in nature. 

Vietnam is home to an estimated 850 bird species, including eight species that are found nowhere else in the world. 

Vietnam also lies along the migration route and provides important seasonal habitat and resting areas for of some of the region’s most critically endangered bird species such as the black-faced spoonbill and the Saurus crane. 

Birds are an important part of our natural world, helping to control insects and other pests, dispersing seeds, and contributing to richness and the value of life with their beauty and song. 

At the same time, our appreciation for birds has resulted in increased hunting pressure upon wild birds valued in pet markets both here in Vietnam and abroad.  Birds are also hunted for food and threatened by loss of important habitat.   Whether a resident or visitor, birds are truly nature’s “ambassadors of the sky”.

Green Forest student nature magazine is produced twice each year by ENV.  Each issue provides readers with an opportunity to learn about an important group of animals, landscape or environmental issue.  Green Forest also includes news, games, puzzles, comics, and other information about nature and the environment, presented in a way that makes learning enjoyable. 

Moreover, Green Forest also provides an opportunity for students to share their ideas and experiences with other readers through stories and poems, photographs, artwork, and other contributions they mail in to ENV.

Ambassadors of the Sky is the 25th issue of Green Forest magazine to be produced by ENV.  Green Forest is distributed free through the ENV Family Network to students, schools and environmental educators throughout Vietnam.

ENV wishes to thank the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) for supporting this important educational resource.


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