Press Release: Green Forest No. 23

Protecting Vietnam’s Endangered Primates

Viet Nam is home to twenty-three primate species and subspecies, four of which are endemic to Vietnam and found nowhere else in the world. However, most of Viet Nam’s primates are threatened by hunting, illegal trade and habitat loss. If we do not act to protect our endangered primates and their habitat, they may soon disappear forever.

Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) has focused its 23rd issue of children environmental awareness magazine “Green Forest on the Primates of Vietnam. This latest edition provides readers with an overview of the many different primate species native to Vietnam, including some of the world’s most critically endangered primates such as the eastern black-crested gibbon, the golden-headed langur, and the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey. 

Through Green Forest, ENV aims to raise awareness amongst student readers and encourage greater understanding about the need to protect our endangered primates, as well as encourage student participation in active efforts to conserve them.  

Green Forest also serves as a forum through which students can exchange their ideas and contribute to efforts to raise awareness amongst their peers about the need to protect nature and the environment. 

Featured in this issue (table of contents)

  1. Introduction to the primates of Vietnam, ecology, habitat, threats
  2. Community voice:  A story about gibbons
  3. Feature plant and animal:  Wild banana and sea horses
  4. Feature National Park:  Con Dao National Park
  5. Ranger Bear comic:  Human - Elephant conflict
  6. Nature Club Section:  Student letters and contributions, bulletin board
  7. Wildlife Trade Corner:  Bears
  8. Green Forest Hero:  Focus section local hero that has contributed to wildlife protection
  9. Fun corner:  Nature games, quizzes, comics
  10. Specialist corner, Let’s see and think photo, introduction to next coming issue
  11. Ask Uncle Owston

This issue of Green Forest will be distributed within local communities bordering priority primate conservation sites and protected areas in Vietnam. As always, Green Forest will also be distributed free to participating community-based environmental education programs throughout the country.

The next issue of Green Forest will be released in September 2006 and will focus on Karst Landscapes (the deadline for contributions is May 15, 2006).

ENV wishes to thank US Fish and Wildlife Service, World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), International Primate Protection League (IPPL), the Frankfurt Zoological Society, and Fauna and Flora International (FFI) for supporting this important educational resource.


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