Press Release: Green Forest No. 22

Urban Environment

Rapid economic growth and an increasing human population have resulted in enormous pressure upon the urban environment in many of Vietnam’s cities.  Air pollution from factories and exhaust from increasing numbers of motorbikes and vehicles on city streets, over burdened sewage systems and lack of modern wastewater treatment facilities, and increasing amounts of residential and industrial waste threaten the health and livelihood of our urban residents.

To raise awareness amongst students about urban pollution and its impacts on human health, Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) has released its twenty-second issue of the Green Forest magazine with afocus on the urban environment.  This latest edition of the popular student activity book helps students to learn about some of the most pressing environmental concerns facing urban residents. In addition, through activities, cartoons and stories students are introduced to the 5R principle (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and act Responsibly) which is intended to help influence their habits at school and at home, and help to reduce pollution.

Green Forest also serves as a forum through which students and environmental educators from around the country can voice their ideas and concerns about nature and the environment, as well as share some of their ideas with other students.

Green Forestis distributed free of charge to participating community-based environmental education programs throughout the country.  This special issue on the urban environment will also be distributed to secondary schools in cities and major urban centers across Vietnam.

The next issue of Green Forest will focus on Primates of Vietnam (the deadline for all contributions is November 30th, 2005). 

ENV would like to thank USAID, the Asia Foundation and the Sida Environment Fund (SEF) for supporting this important educational resource. 


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