Press Release: Green Forest No. 20

Our marine environment plays a vital role in our daily lives, providing vast coastal and deep-water fisheries, as well as harbouring other important resources such as salt and valuable energy reserves of oil and natural gas. Our beautiful oceans are also an attraction to a growing tourism industry, seeking clean beaches, clear water, and scenic landscapes to explore and enjoy. Our oceans contribute to our economy and help sustain the livelihood of millions of people. In addition, the oceans are home to diversified underwater ecosystems and the greatest number of living things on earth. Oceans also play a crucial role in climate regulation, both locally and globally.

However, overexploitation of marine resources, destructive fishing practices and pollution threaten to undermine the value and potential of our rich marine environment. If we do not take actions to protect our oceans, many of our valuable marine resources may disappear before we can fully appreciate the link between the health of our oceans and our own health and livelihood. 

ENV has released the 20th edition of its popular 'Green Forest'magazine entitled 'Vietnam's Marine Environments'.  Green Forest focuses on raising awareness about the values of and threats to Vietnam's marine resources amongst school-aged children.  This issue includes 56 pages of lively illustrations, games and activities that involve it's readers in a journey to mysterious sea beds and colourful coral reefs.  Readers will also be introduced to some special inhabitants of the sea such as dolphins and sea turtles.  The Club Pages includes articles by students and environmental educators from around the country voicing their concerns about the current state of the marine environment where they live, and some of their ideas about how we can help to protect our oceans.

Green Forest is distributed free to participating community-based environmental education programmes throughout Vietnam. ENV would like to encourage other school children and environmental education programmes to contribute to the next issue of Green Forest(deadline 15 November 2004) focused on Vietnam’s Wild Cats.

ENV wishes to thank the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area Pilot Project and the Coastal Biodiversity Support Project - Fauna & FIora International (FFI) for their support in producing this issue of the Green Forest.  


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