Press Release: Green Forest No.19

Bears are among the most endangered animal species in Vietnam.  Hunted for their meat, served in forest specialty restaurants in major towns and cities throughout the country, and mostly trapped and caged to exploit for their precious bile, Vietnam’s wild bears may soon become a species of our past. The Forest Protection Department estimates that more than 2,400 are kept in captivity throughout the country (by March 2003). 

Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV) has released its nineteenth issue of the popular children’s magazine, Green Forest.  In this issue, Green Forest focuses on the plight of Vietnam's endangered bears.  It is our hope that through greater awareness and understanding, students and their families will take a more active role in helping protect Vietnam’s vanishing wildlife, including our endangered bears. 

This newest edition of ENV's Green Forestintroduces students to the ugly practice of bear bile farming, as well as other major threats to bears such as habitat loss and hunting.  Students will also learn to identify the differences between Vietnam’s two bear species; the Asiatic Black Bear and the Malayan Sun Bear, and participate in a variety of games and activities that relate to the lives of bears. 

As ever, Green Forest includes contributions from students and educators from throughout the country. Our “Let’s Think” and “Club Pages” offer a forum through which students can exchange their ideas and contribute to efforts to raise awareness among their peers, as well as the wider public about the need to protect their environment.  Green Forest also contains activities, games, cartoons, and stories that provide an enjoyable way for students to learn about key issues relating to nature and the environment in every edition.

Green Forest is distributed free to participating community-based environmental education programmes throughout Vietnam. ENV would like to encourage other school children and environmental education programmes in Vietnam to contribute to the next issue of Green Forest focused on Marine ecosystems.


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