Get involved: join our wildlife volunteer network

If you live or work in Vietnam, help stamp out wildlife crime by joining our Wildlife Volunteer Network.

ENV's Wildlife Volunteer Network was established in 2008, and today there is a network of over a 3728 volunteers throughout the country. Volunteers actively assist ENV to protect wildlife by reporting wildlife crimes, monitoring businesses in their home area, and getting others involved.

Thanks to our Wildlife Volunteers, restaurants have stopped selling wildlife, smugglers have been punished, and hundreds of animals have been rescued from the trade.

What our Wildlife Volunteers do:

Report wildlife crimes

Call ENV's National toll-free Wildlife Crime Hotline to report a crime in Vietnam: 1800-1522. Example of things to report include:

· A restaurant advertising wildlife on their menu or on a sign;

· Bears or other wildlife species in captivity;

· Animals displayed in cages at a hotel or outside a business;

· A shipment of wildlife being transported on a bus, train, or airplane;

· A fisherman keeping a marine turtle;

· Wild animals or meat for sale at a market.

Help ENV monitor known wildlife trade hotspots

ENV maintains a list of businesses that have a history of selling, displaying, possessing, or advertising wildlife. Many of these businesses are now in compliance with the law. However, frequent checks help ensure they remain compliant.

Encourage others to join the network

With more public involvement, we can bring an end to wildlife crime in Vietnam. Get others involved!

Participate in other ENV awareness activities in your area. Active volunteers may wish to become more involved in ENV activities, such as increasing local awareness about protecting wildlife or conducting surveys with ENV Wildlife Crime Unit staff.

Wildlife Volunteers will receive regular email updates including:

· Updates of new laws, copies of the ENV Wildlife Crime Bulletin, and other wildlife trade news.

· Information about successful cases resulting from the efforts of Wildlife Volunteers.

To join us and lend a hand to Vietnam's endangered wildlife complete an electronic application registration form and send to our email

Report a Wildlife Crime

Report a Wildlife Crime



Report a Wildlife Crime

Report a Wildlife Crime






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