Environmental communication activities at buffer zone in Tram Chim NP

Tram Chim NP organized the 12th Nature Club Meeting (NCM) for students at a primary school in the NP’s buffer zone. The students learned about the NP and its rare Sarus crane (Grus antigone) - an endangered species listed in Vietnam’s and the IUCN’s Red List, environmental threats in the NP as well as activities the students could attend to protect the NP. At the end of the NCM, students had the chance to act as tour guides introducing visitors and telling them about Tram Chim NP. Tram Chim NP also organized an environmental competition amongst six schools in the area that attended the Nature Club Meeting. The NP also held 12 village meetings about environmental protection for local residents. All the environmental communication activities above were part of the Green Grant Program in Tram Chim NP since September 2010.

The Green Grant Program in Tram Chim NP is one of 17 programs sponsored by Go Green Program, a cooperation between ENV and Toyota Motor Vietnam.

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