News Brief (E442, November 10, 2011)

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Haiphong: Over 300 kg of elephant tusks imported illegally
On November 5, Haiphong authorities discovered and seized 47 pieces of elephant tusk weighing 350 kg, which were hidden in scraps of fabric. According to the authorities, the fabric originated in Hong Kong and arrived in Haiphong port on November 2. The case is still under investigation.

Vietnamese version:

Lang Son: 450 kg of wildlife confiscated
On November 6, Tung Dien Station traffic police from Lang Son police department discovered and confiscated a large amount of illegal, frozen wild animals from a car, including 367 kg of pangolins and 83 kg of bear paws. Many fake license-plates were also removed. One subject escaped, but the arrested subject claimed that they were on their way from Ha Tinh to Lang Son. The case is still being investigated.

Vietnamese version:

Nghe An: Wildlife transported illegally
On November 3, traffic police from Yen Thanh district stopped a car containing 42.3 kg of live animals, including 11 civets and two porcupines. The subject escaped and all confiscated wildlife was handed over to relevant departments for processing.

Vietnamese version:

Dong Nai: Wild animals kept for sale at restaurant
On November 4, Dong Nai authorities monitored and observed large amounts of wildlife being kept in a restaurant in Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province. The animals included one pangolin (Manis sp.), one langur, eight common palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), five Chinese water dragons (Physignathus concincinus), four bamboo rats, one crocodile, one snake, two turtles and 65 kg of wildlife meat. This restaurant takes advantage of certification for breeding wildlife to deal in rare wild animals. In a confirmed case in January, the local authorities recorded that the restaurant had been illegally keeping rare and precious animals belonging to group IB and IIB of decree 32/2006/ND-CP.

(Case Ref. 3189/ENV)

Long An: Wild birds sold on highway
For a long time, wild birds have been sold along Highway 1A at Binh Cang hamlet, Binh Thanh commune, Thu Thua district, Long An province. The sellers claim that they usually hunt for birds on local fields and in indigo forest. The hunted animals are pre-cooked and sold along the highway. This practice causes many traffic issues, food poisoning, and could lead to extinction of wild birds. There is a need for local authorities to take appropriate and timely measures to prevent these illegal hunting activities.

Vietnamese version:

‘Predator’ project to help protect tiger
On November 2, within the framework of the 80th Interpol Assembly meeting, a press conference on the ‘Predator’ project was held. ‘Predator’ has been implemented to support 13 member countries fighting crimes against wild animals, including the tiger, using advanced technology. One of the expected outcomes of the project is the setting up of interdisciplinary mission units, including customs, security and finance departments, and providing a community for exchange of information and experience between the countries involved.

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