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Nghe An: Transport of more than 200 kg of elephant tusks results in arrest
On September 28, after receiving information from local residents about a car transporting a large quantity of tusks for consumption, Nghe An Environmental Police in coordination with the Department of Environmental Police (Ministry of Public Security) tracked down and arrested the occupants of the car. The authorities confiscated 75 pieces of elephant tusk from the car, with a total weight of 209 kg. The case is under further investigation.

Vietnamese version:

Binh Duong: Four precious yellow-cheeked gibbons confiscated
Authorities of Binh Duong province have just discovered and rescued four yellow-cheeked gibbons (Hylobates gabriellae) that were being kept illegally in houses in Binh Duong.

Binh Duong Environmental Police investigated and confiscated two gibbons with an average weight of 4–6 kg, from Huu Toan Joint Stock Company in Thuan An Town of Binh Duong province on September 5. Then on September 20 they confiscated two other gibbons from a house in Tan Uyen district, Binh Duong province. The four gibbons were transferred to Cu Chi Rescue Center on September 29, 2011. The provincial authorities are continuing with their investigations and monitoring the area for other cases involving wildlife.

Yellow-cheeked gibbons belong to group IB of Decree 32/2006/ND-CP – the group of rare endangered wild animals forbidden from being held in captivity, hunted, traded or killed.

Vietnamese version:

Quang Tri: A car transporting Asiatic black bear legs and common cobra confiscated
On September 30, Giao Linh district Environment Police in Quang Tri province seized a car which was transporting a 5 kgcommon cobra (Naja kaouthia) and12Asiatic black bears’ legs (Selenarctos thibetanus). The subject is waiting to be prosecuted.

(Case Ref. 3724/ENV – Information provived by Quang Tri Enviromental Police)

Quang Tri: Five common palm civets confiscated
On September 30, Huong Hoa District Forest Management Department confiscated five common palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) from a subject while they were being transported from Huong Hoa district to Dakrong district in Quang Tri province. The subject was fined VND 5,250,000 and the common palm civets were released into Bac Huong Hoa Natural Reserve in Quang Tri.

(Case Ref. 3719/ENV)

Unsafe season for birds in Thanh Hoa
When autumn arrives in Thanh Hoa province many birds in the area are trapped for food. At this time, the fields of Nga Son, Hau Loc, Hoang Hoa district of Thanh Hoa province are full of bird nets. Many bird hunters from other places also use nets and air guns to catch birds in the Thanh Hoa area. According to these hunters, they can each catch about 30 - 40 birds a day.

After receiving information from local residents, Thanh Hoa authorities have pursued hunters and confiscated their nets and guns, and fined tens of individuals. The seasonal threat to local bird populations is gradually being removed.

Vietnamese version:

An Giang: Snake markets at border gates
At snake markets located at the border gates in An Giang province, such as Khanh Binh, Xuan To and Vinh Suong, dozens of businesses supply wild snakes for restaurants in the Mekong Delta. Businesses in the markets collect 80-150 kg of snakes each day, which are mainly imported from Cambodia.

Vietnamese version:

Ca Mau: Large numbers of wild animals being killed in U Minh Ha National Park
Despite U Minh Ha National Park being recognized by UNESCO as part of a global biosphere reserve, some wild animals in the area are heading towards extinction.

Illegal hunting, transportation and trade in rare wild animals continue to increase in U Minh Ha National Park. Some wild species of pigs, monitor lizards, tortoises and snakes are hunted so heavily that they may be on the brink of extinction.

Vietnamese version:

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