Vietnam Idol 2010 Uyen Linh participates in the event '100,000 pledges not to use bear bile and bear products' 

The event ‘100,000 pledges not to use bear bile and bear products’ was organized by Education For Nature-Vietnam (ENV) at Pico Mall Commercial Center, 229 Tay Son St., Dong Da District, Hanoi on September 30, 2011. The event aims to mark an achievement that 100,000 Vietnamese participants who signed pledges to protect bears in Vietnam.

Especially, the winner of Vietnam Idol 2010 Uyen Linh was invited to attend the event and signed the 100,000th pledge. Thanks to the support from Uyen Linh, the event drew public and media attention and participation.

Uyen Linh is signing the 100,000th pledge to protect bears in Vietnam

As a famous singer, Uyen Linh gave social messages to protect bears to all Vietnamese people, especially to the youth in signing pledges not to use bear bile and bear products. She also said that it is more necessary to take concrete actions in stopping bear bile extraction and illegal trade of wild animals.

The 100,000th pledge signed by singer Uyen Linh

Participants are signing pledges not to use bear bile and bear products

A female pupil is signing her pledge

Attending the event, Ms Tran Nguyet Anh, a staff at Pico Mall said: ‘My family have not ever used bear bile because we only think it is allergic and harmful to our health, today I was told more deeply that use of bear bile would hurt lovely bears and lead to the extinction of bears in Vietnam. I have signed the pledge and intend to tell this to my folks and colleagues in raising awareness on protecting bears in Vietnam.’

A student from Foreign Trade university said: ‘I really feel painful to see the cruel injection of bear bile, so on this occasion, I want to pledge and propagate bear protection with my classmates, family and relatives so that everybody could avoid using bear bile and indirectly stop trafficking of bears in Vietnam.’

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