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Dak Lak: Wild elephant herd reported in Yok Don National Park
Early in the morning of September 3, an elephant herd was reported roaming in 418 sub-area, Yok Don National Park, in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak. The herd, consisting of 32 individuals, knocked down demarcation poles and may have caused damage to 10 hectares of corn grown by local residents.

According to the head of the Forestry Protection Station No. 08, the elephants were immediately reported to heads of the National Park, and local residents were warned about the the animals so that they could take safety measures.

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Quang Tri: Wildlife trade on highway needs to be stopped
Highway 9 in Quang Tri Province is considered to be a main artery of the East-West Economic Corridor, connecting Vietnam with other countries in Southeast Asia. Despite media reports, the illegal trade of wild animals still occurs daily on the highway and is becoming increasingly blatant and sophisticated. Illegal wildlife trade causes the disappearance of many wild animals from the Truong Son forest area of Quang Tri province.

Quang Tri conservation center has sheltered many rare wildlife species, including more than 85 kinds of wild birds and other animals registered in the Vietnamese Red Book. Many of these species have endangered status, due to ongoing illegal hunting in the area without consequences from provincial authorities.

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Bac Ninh: Pangolins seized from car
According to Cong An Nhan Dan online newspaper, on August 30, Environmental Police coordinating with Bac Ninh Police, stopped a car containing a sack of pangolins weighing a total of 500 kg. The pangolins were being illegally transported in the car by a man from Ha Tinh.

Pangolins belong to group IIB of Decree 32/ND-CP - the group of rare wild animals restricted from being held in captivity, hunted, traded or killed.

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Quang Binh: Species ‘extinct’ for 11 million years found in Vietnam
A rare species of rat has been found in Quang Binh Province, which was previously believed to have become extinct 11 million years ago.

Scientists discovered the animal amid other rats which were trapped by the Ruc ethnic group, in On Village, Minh Hoa District. The animal, which was caught in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, looks like a cross between a rat, a squirrel and a civet. To locals it is known as 'Ninh Cung'.

Tests have shown that the species was actually the Laotian Rock Rat, or Laonastes aenigmamus.

Based on fossil evidence, the species was previously believed to have been extinct for around 11 million years. However, in 2005 the finding of a specimen put the scientific community into an uproar. This is the second Laotian rock rat to be found since then.

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Dien Bien: Two bear cubs rescued
On August 25, Dien Bien FPD coordinated with Tuan Giao police to stop a bike and discovered two Asiatic black bear cubs (Selenarctos thibetanus) weighing 10 kg each. The violator could not provide any legal documents for the origin of the bears. Local authorities are in the process of further investigation.

The two bear cubs are being temporarily kept in Dien Bien FPD office and authorities plan to transfer them to a bear rescue center next week.

Bears are rare species listed in group IB of Decree 32/ND-CP - the group of rare wild animals forbidden to be exploited or used for commercial purposes.

(Case Ref. 3662/ ENV)

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