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Quang Tri: Seizure of large number of wild animals
On April 20, the rangers of Dak Rong Nature Reserve stopped a van and seized a large number of wildlife including two reticulated python (Python reticulates), three brush-tailed porcupine (Atherurus macrourus), four common palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites), seven Impressed tortoise (Manouria impressa), a giant Asian pond turtle (Heosemys grandis) and four Asian leaf turtle (Cyclemys tcheponensis). At the time of the investigation, the driver and the owner could not produce permits showing that the animals were of legal origin and registered.
All the animals were released into the wild by the authorities and the suspects received administrative fines.
(Case ref. 3362/ENV)

Lam Dong: Tragic death of an elephant
According to Tien Phong online newspaper, on April 24, an elephant of Nam Qua Eco-tourism zone, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province was found dead in the forest with the hind legs severely slashed and tendons ruptured, although the tusks and tail feathers still remained. A few months ago, the same elephant was slashed twice causing severe injuries that required treatment.

In August 2010, two other elephants in Prenn Eco-tourism zone (Da Lat city) were slashed allowing poachers to get away with the valuable tail feathers.
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Nghe An: Seizure of  turtles in a freezer van
According to Dantri online newspaper, on April 20, Nghe An Forest protection Department (FPD) stopped a freezer van and discovered 349  giant Asian pond turtle (Heosemys grandis) and yellow-headed temple turtle (Hieremys annandalii) weighing a total of approximately 1.5 tons. At the time of the investigation, the driver could not produce permits showing the turtles were of legal origin and registered. He admitted he been hired by a local resident to transport the turtles to Quang Ninh province for selling. After the animals were confiscated, a woman in Quang Nam came to show the licenses to prove legal origin of the turtles. However, according to the Nghe An FPD, the licenses were invalid. The case is under investigation by authorities.
The giant Asian pond turtle and yellow-headed temple turtle are two turtle species listed in group IIB of Decree 32/ND-CP – the group of rare wild animals restricted to be exploited and used for commercial purposes.
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Hanoi:  Wild birds blatantly sold in the street
On April 22, Labor newspaper reported, while the whole community joined in wildlife protection activities, many wild birds, such as black baza (Aviceda leuphotes), lesser whistling duck (Dendrocygna javanica) and wild stork with sewn eyes, tied legs and cut off wings, are still being sold blatantly on  the street in Hanoi.
The bird vendor also provided the reporter with the telephone number of the supplier.  The supplier confirmed he still had a large amount of other rare wild bird species such as Eurasian coot (Fulica atra). The supplier advised he could deliver the wild birds if the consumer wanted them.

Tay Ninh: Viet Nam and Cambodia join forces to fight illegal wildlife trade
In Tay Ninh, on 27 and 28 April, enforcement agencies that monitor and control wildlife trade at the Cambodia and Viet Nam border will organize a workshop to strengthen collaboration to combat illegal wildlife trade between the two countries. The workshop will be a platform to share experiences, consolidate knowledge and understanding, and develop a plan. The plan will be to curb illegal wildlife trade along the Tay Ninh border through improved collaboration and information sharing. The workshop is being hosted by the Viet Nam Administration of Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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