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Hanoi: Illegal captivity of wildlife
The Anninhthudo online newspaper reported that on April 12, Hanoi Environmental Police in collaboration with Thach That District Police discovered a dead leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) that had been killed at a local restaurant.  Authorities investigated the restaurant and found two other leopard cats, two civets and 10 brush-tailed porcupine (Atherurus macrourus) that were also being held captive at the restaurant. All the animals were confiscated and transferred to Soc Son rescue center by local authorities.

Leopard cat is listed in group IB of Decree 32/ND-CP - the group of rare wild animals forbidden to be exploited and used for commercial purposes.
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Kien Giang: Dugong found dead on Ha Tien beach
According to Vietnam plus online newspaper, on April 7, the representative of Ha Tien’s authorities said that a dugong (Dugong dugon), weighing approximately 50kg, was found dead by local residents on Ha Tien beach. Scratches on the Dugong’s back and head suggested the animal had collided with fishing boats, resulting in its death.

Dugong is a rare mammal listed in the IUCN and Vietnam’s Red list.
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Dak Lak: Three rangers seriously injured
According to Dantri online newspaper, on April 6, three forest management officers in Dak Lak were seriously injured after being surrounded by a group of suspects. In addition, another group of approximately 50 to 60 suspects obstructed supporting forces when they attempted to take the injured rangers to hospital.

This event showed that the poachers are becoming more blatant and local authorities need better methods to stop this type of situation from occurring again.
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Ho Chi Minh City: An expensive and destructive hobby for wealthy people
Recently, Ho Chi Minh authority confiscated illegal collections of stuffed wild animals. The trend of collecting these products becomes an expensive and destructive hobby for wealthy people. Violators often buy wild animals from hunters in the central highlands, have the animals stuffed and then sell them to wealthy people. Many of the stuffed wild animals are rare species listed in the Vietnam Red Book such as leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), macaques, gibbons, langurs.
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Dong Nai: Wealthy men raising bears are forgiven whilst people raising deer are convicted?
The Labor newspaper reported that many deer farms in Dong Nam are not licensed. According to the regulations on protecting wild animals, owners of unlicensed farms face an administrative fine and confiscation of the animals. However, there is a conflict with wild animal farming in Dong Nai province and it is the problem between wildlife raised by wealthy men and wildlife raised by other people.

According to the Dong Nam Forest Protection Department (FPD), bear farms in Dong Nai are licensed and all the bears are microchipped, however most of the bear farms also sell bear bile.  One of the big farms even publicly posted the price of bear bile but has yet to be convicted. In accordance with the law, when bears at the farms give birth, the owners must report and voluntarily transfer the bear cubs to the authorities. However, the bear farm owners have not done this, and all the owners are still safe.  Does this mean wealthy men raising bears are forgiven and other people raising deer are convicted?
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Quang Nam: Local police stop van carrying wildlife
According to Labor online newspaper, on April 7, Tam Ky city police, Quang Nam province stopped a van and discovered 19 brush-tailed porcupine (Atherurus macrourus), weighing a total of 55 kg, in the vehicle. The driver admitted that he was hired by a suspect in Quang Ngai province to transport the animals and sell them in Da Nang province. The local police transferred the wildlife to provincial FPD.
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Thanh Hoa: Conservation of two endangered trees listed in IUCN
According to Vietnam plus online newspaper, Pu Hu Nature Reserve (NR) in Quan Hoa district Thanh Hoa Province, is implementing conservation projects and sustainable development for two endangered native species of tree: Madhuca Pasquieri and Manglietia fordiana. The two rare tree species, with a high economic value, characteristic of trees in the Pu Hu NR, are listed in the IUCN and Vietnam’s red list.

According to the projects, NR will implement a project survey and assessment of the current status, distribution and ecological characteristics of the two tree species. The project will also raise public awareness and train NR staff in order to raise the management capacity of NR’s officers and local authorities for these two native tree species.
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