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Nghe An: Seizure of a large number of wildlife
On March 7, a van was intercepted by Nghe An police and was found to be carrying a large number of wildlife to be sold in the province including: 175 turtles, two porcupines, and two monitor lizards (Varanus sp.) alloriginally from Laos. The case has been transferred to the Nghe An Environmental Police to process in accordance with the law.
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Hanoi: Urgent methods to save Hoan Kiem turtle
The Hoan Kiem turtle is back in the news as authorities, concerned by what appears to be a deteriorating state of the turtle’s health, attempt to capture it and determine if it requires medical attention. Events surrounding the turtle’s proposed capture have recently attracted the world’s attention.

Phu Yen: Vietnamese pond turtle at risk of extinction
Due to the rising price of the Vietnamese pond turtle (Mauremys annamensis), many Phu Yen residents have begun trapping the turtles in ponds. Even though the practice is not yet widespread, the continual trapping will push the turtle to the edge of extinction if local authorities do not put timely measures in place to prevent this from continuing.
The Vietnamese pond turtle is an endangered and endemic native turtle species which only can be found in central Vietnam.

Cuc Phuong: Asian pangolin species fed in captivity
Cuc Phuong National Park is a unique establishment in Vietnam for wildlife conservation activities, which has developed a man-made food to feed two Asian pangolin species and helped them successfully breed in captivity. The park is also responsible for the conservation of 15 rare primate species and subspecies in Vietnam, as well as other endangered and endemic fauna and flora species.
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Quang Ngai: Leopard cat seized          
On March 4, a leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) was seized by the Quang Ngai FPD while being illegally transported by two men, and will soon be transferred to a rescue center.

Leopards are a rare species listed in group IB of Decree 32/ND-CP - the group of rare wild animals forbidden to be exploited or used for commercial purposes.
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Kien Giang: Where will cranes live in the future?
According to the Tuoitre online newspaper, sarus crane (Grus antigone) habitats in Kien Giang province have been completely devastated, resulting in the decreasing population of cranes and the promise of their disappearance in the future. Most green spaces have been gradually replaced by industrial and agricultural activities for profit and job creation for local residents, destroying habitats for hundreds of cranes in the process.

The sarus crane is an endangered species listed in Vietnam’s and the IUCN’s Red List.
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Hanoi: Priority given to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation
On March 4, the 2nd National Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation was held in Hanoi and presided over by Deputy Minister Hoang Trung Hai. The forum aimed to seek effective measures to mitigate disaster risks caused by climate change. Vietnam is considered one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, and at the forum five major cities committed to participating in a UN-led ‘Making Resilient Cities’ campaign.
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Contest Green 2011: Era of Noah
‘Contest Green’, organized by the Polytechnic University of Ho Chi Minh City, is one of the most popular contests in Vietnam for young people who care about environmental issues. The 9th contest topic is the ‘Era of Noah: Stop procrastinating and be open to a new era of willingness to act for the future and survival of people’. The students designed their own turtle named Noah to visually represent the contests’ aims.
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