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Khanh Hoa: Douc langur transferred to rescue centre
On 21st February, according to the Tuoi tre online newspaper, the Ninh Hoa Forest Protection Department (FPD) in Khanh Hoa province rehabilitated wildlife which had been confiscated from a local restaurant a month earlier (reported in ENV’s bulletin E402). A black-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix nigripes) was transferred to the Cu Chi Rescue Centre (RC) and the other animals, including Chinese cobras N.VN/China (Naja atra) and brush-tailed porcupines (Atherurus macrourus), were released into the wild.

In accordance with the law, the illegal trading of the black-shanked douc langur is a criminal offence, as this species is listed in group IB of Decree 32/ND-CP - the group of rare wild animals forbidden to be exploited or used for commercial purposes. The penalty for trafficking Chinese cobras N.VN/China and brush-tailed porcupines is an administrative fine.
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Rare endangered animals need protection
Despite being listed in the world’s top 16 most bio-diverse countries, Vietnam is sounding the alarm for the decrease in numbers of rare endangered species, especially those which are endemic like the tonkin snub-nosed langur (Rhinopithecus avunculus), golden-headed langur (Trachypithecus poliocephalus) and white-rumped black langur (Trachypithecus francoisi delacouri). Not only are strict laws and wildlife protection institutions needed, but national parks and reserve areas also need to enforce strong methods of protection to ensure the preservation and development of Vietnam’s biodiversity.
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Ho Chi Minh City: Wildlife law enforcers build skills to combat illegal wildlife trade
On February 21- 23, law enforcers in southern Vietnam were trained on how to identify threatened reptile species and familiarize themselves with international wildlife protection policies in an effort to combat illegal wildlife trade in the ASEAN region. The workshop was organized through the cooperation between CITES management in Vietnam, the wildlife trade monitoring network – TRAFFIC Vietnam and the ASEAN-Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) at the Saigon Zoo, Ho Chi Minh City.
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Dong Nai: New viper species discovered
According to the online, British and American scientists have discovered a new viper species named Cryptelytrops rubeus, which shows similarities to the Cryptelytrops marcops species (discovered in 1977). The specimen was found in forests of mountain areas 500m above sea level, in Dong Nai province and Ho Chi Minh City.
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Quang Binh: Illegal loggers seize timber and attack forest rangers
On February 18, two people suspected of attacking forest rangers were put into temporary detention by Bo Trach police. On February 11, as the transport team hired by the government-owned Bong Lai timber plantation were transferring a large amount of illegal talauma and platanus timber seized a day before to their offices, a group of men threatened and attacked them, resulting in rangers being injured and damage to equipment. Authorities are continuing to investigate the case.
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