News Brief (E390, November 05, 2010)

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Quang Tri: Green sea turtle released into sea
On November 2, Quang Tri’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development collaborated with Island Marine Protected Areas and local authorities to release a 60kg Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) into the sea. The turtle was caught by a local fisherman at sea on October 28. Before its release the turtlewas tagged with a positioning card for tracking.

The Green sea turtle is one of five rare sea turtle species and can be found in Vietnam. According to CITES, the turtle heads the list of endangered species threatened with extinction, and is forbidden by Vietnamese law to be exploited or used for commercial purposes.
(Vietnamese version)
Quang Tri: Tha con vich nang hon 60 kg ve bien

Hanoi: King cobra takes ride in taxi
On October 31, the Investigative Police Agency of Dong Da district took two people into custody for the illegal trade and transportation of wildlife. On October 28, police checked a taxi and discovered a carton containing a large cobra tied in mesh bags. At the time of inspection, the owners of the goods could not produce ownership papers and later admitted to buying the King cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah) for almost 10 million VND. The King cobra falls under group IB - the group of rare wild animals forbidden to be in captivity, hunted, traded or killed. Authorities will transfer the cobra to the Soc Son Rescue Center shortly.
(Vietnamese version)
Ran ho mang chua di taxi

Hanoi: Ancient village temple tree cut down
On October 25, Chuong My district police discovered a truck carrying 2.506 m3 of red-wood timber (Dalbergia tonkinensis), classified as a Group 1A rare timber, for which exploitation for commercial use is prohibited. The timber was sold to two men for 21 billion VND. The Chuong My police station is currently coordinating the investigation.
(Vietnamese version)
Cay sua hang tram nam tuoi bi don ha

Dak Lak: Highland yew tree at risk of extinction
The yew (Glyptostrobus pensilis) is a subtropical species endemic. Two areas in Dak Lak where the yews are present is being logged around the clock despite laws against deforestation. According to the latest statistics, Dak Lak province has around 250 yew trees aged between 50 to 600 years surviving but facing extinction. Investigative police from Krong Nang district have recently prosecuted two people accused of purchasing, storing and processing 2.646 m3 of yew timber.
(Vietnamese version)
Thuy tung Tay Nguyen truoc nguy co tuyet chung

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