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Quang Ninh: Punishment for bear bile extraction
On October 14, Quang Ninh FPD in conjunction with functional authorities confiscated an Asiatic black bear (Selenarctos thibetanus) and issued administrative punishment to the Viet Thai Company of Quang Ninh province for a case involving the illegal extraction of bear bile dating back to October of 2009. In addition to losing the bear, the owner of the company was fined 50 million VND for violating regulations on wildlife management and protection. The Asiatic black bear was transferred to the Soc Son Rescue Center in Hanoi

The case originates from a raid on October 2, 2009 during which Quang Ninh Environmental Police caught staff of the company in the process of extracting bear bile to sell to a group of Korean tourists. The Korean tourists were released immediately, but the case brought national attention on a number of farms in Quang Ninh province running bear bile tourism operations through which foreign tourists are brought to Vietnam and encouraged to violate the law by purchasing and smuggling bear bile back to their home country.

ENV first brought attention to the issue in July 2007 following the discovery of 80 illegal bears at Quang Ninh farms and has been working to end bear farming and trade by promoting public awareness aimed at reducing bear bile consumption, actively working with law enforcement agencies and local authorities to enforce relevant laws prohibiting exploitation and trade of bears, while at the same time engaging decision makers at the central and provincial levels of government to help strengthen laws and policy in relation to protection of Vietnam’s bears.

ENV hope that the consfiscation will be the first step toward progress in shutting down the illegal bear bile tourism business still operating in Quang Ninh province. 
(Vietnamese version)
Chuyen mot ca the gau cho Trung tam cuu ho Soc Son
Bat qua tang vu chich, hut mat gau trai phep

Cuu Long Delta: Construction of waste treatment factories
The Prime Minister has approved a plan for the construction of solid waste treatment areas in the key economic area Cuu Long Delta by 2020. Construction will take place in Can Tho, An Giang, Kien Giang and Ca Mau provinces to treat hazardous solid residential, industrial and medical waste. The objective is to collect and treat 90% of solid waste in the Cuu Long Delta by 2015 and 100% by 2020. The plan will progress in two phases: review and cease operations in landfill areas that are polluting the environment, and collect and classify the solid waste from 2010 to 2015, then construct provincial and inter-provincial solid waste treatment areas from 2015 to 2020.
(Vietnamese version)
Xay 6 khu xu ly chat thai ran o dong bang song Cuu Long

Nghe An Police set a good example in dealing with confiscated wildlife
A series of wildlife smuggling cases have been intercepted by police and the Forest Protection Department (FPD) recently, with a frozen tiger, leopards, bears, wild cats, and pangolins, amongst others, making up the confiscated evidence. Functional authorities often face difficulties in dealing with evidence while demonstrating strict law enforcement and wildlife protection measures.

Therefore when a large cache of wildlife animals was seized from a private home in Nghe An province in June 2010, it was decided that all the animals classified as Group IB/Decree 32 would be transferred to the Vietnam National Museum of Nature for scientific research. The solution was thought to be suitable from a conservative point of view and a good role model for future cases. Amongst measures to deal with wildlife animals, transfer to scientific research foundations and incineration are the two best solutions that prevent animals from returning to the black market.

Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) thoroughly supports the decision made by Nghe An police and calls for the incineration of the tiger being kept in a refrigerator at a private farm in Thanh Hoa province, where it was found dead on August 7, while awaiting handling orders from provincial authorities to prevent it from being sold back into the illegal tiger trade. The cycle of trade is broken when animals are not returned to the black market, helping reduce wildlife trade.
(Vietnamese version)
Gian nan xu ly dong vat hoang da bi thu giu
Thanh Hoa: Them mot ca the ho trong dan hon 10 con bi chet

Lam Dong: Over 100 million VND in fines for environmental pollution
On October 12, Lam Dong police gave a total administrative fine of 102 million VND to the owners of two gold processing establishments for poisoning the Da Quyn stream and polluting the environment. One offender was fined 45 million VND and the other 57 million VND for illegally processing gold and directly disposing over 130m3 of hazardous waste into the environment. All chemicals were seized and the gold processing tanks were destroyed.
(Vietnamese version)
“Dau doc” suoi Da Quyn: bi phat 102 trieu dong

Ho Chi Minh City: Bear products smuggled into the country by air
On October 13, the Customs Office at Tan Son Nhat International Airport reported the finding of 12 bear paws weighing a total of 5kg hidden inside a passenger’s luggage the previous day. The case has been transferred to the Ho Chi Minh FPD for further investigation.
(Vietnamese version)
Bat vu nhap khau trai phep chan gau tai Tan Son Nhat


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