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Lam Dong: Endangered species of gibbon rescued from cafe
On September 21, the Da Lat Forest Protection Department (FPD) reported that a yellow-cheeked gibbon (Hylobates gabriellae) had been discovered at a café in Da Lat City. The yellow-cheeked gibbon is a rare and precious animal listed as an IB species, in which its exploitation for trade is strictly prohibited. A large skin from a wild cat stored in formaldehyde was also discovered at the café. The gibbon is being housed at the Lam Dong FPD office temporarily.
(Vietnamese version)
Giai cuu mot con vuon den ma hung

Dak Nong: Wild meat haul includes rare and precious species
On September 20, the Dak Nong Environmental Police (EP) in cooperation with Gia Nghia police arrested a local resident for transporting one live leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), which died the following day,6kg of lesser Malay mouse-deer (Tragulus javanicus) meat, and 6kg of bamboo rat meat. All evidence was incinerated and the offender will face prosecution.

Thanh Hoa: Public alert authorities to wildlife smuggling case
The Deputy Head of Thanh Hoa City FPD reported that on September 21, information from the public resulted in the confiscation of nearly 200kg of wildlife from a local resident’s home by the Thanh Hoa FPD working in conjunction with the local EP and Dong Son district police. The case included 249 Asian leaf turtles (Cyclemys tcheponensis) weighing 104kg in total, 13 water monitors (Varanus salvator) weighing a total of 63kg, and 30kg of common rat snakes (Ptyas mucosus). The suspect confessed to buying the animals to supply restaurants.
(Vietnamese version)
Gan 200kg dong vat hoang da chuan bi vao nha hang

Ha Tinh: Porcupines smuggled in from Laos
On September 19, Customs officers from the Cau Treo International Border gate and officers from the local Border Guard Control Station intercepted a car carrying over 100kg of porcupines from Laos. The owner of the car from Nghe An province confessed to smuggling the porcupines from Laos to sell to restaurants in Vinh City. All evidence was handed over to the Ha Tinh FPD.
(Vietnamese version)
Ha Tinh: Phat hien hon 100 kg nhim bi nhot trong long sat

Thanh Hoa: 525 billion VND to develop nature reserves
The Thanh Hoa People’s Committee made a recent decision to invest 525 billion VND into the development of three nature reserves (NR): Phu Hu NR, Pu Luong NR and Xuan Lien NR. The program will focus on forest protection management, the recovery of ecosystems, science and social economic research in buffer zones, eco-tourism and infrastructure. According to functional agencies, the investment will contribute to protecting trees and animals in the existing special use forests.
(Vietnamese version)
525 ty dong phat trien ba khu bao ton thien nhien

Dak Lak: Chu Yang Sin FPD busy with wildlife smuggling cases
In late August, two pig-tailed macaques (Macaca leonina) were released back into the wild in Dak Lak province by the Chu Yang Sin FPD. Staff from the Chu Yang Sin National Park FPD had discovered the two macaques, weighing around 11kg in total, when checking a local resident’s motorbike on Highway 27. The subject received an administrative fine of 6.5 million VND.

In a seperate incident on July 7, staff from the Legal and Inspection Department and Head of the Chu Yang Sin FPD acting on a report, checked a motorbike driven by a local farmer on Road 12 and discovered a dead civet weighing around 5kg. The animal was identified as a binturong (Arctictis binturong). The offender claimed that he and an accomplice bought the civet from another local. The animal was seized and the offenders were given administrative fines by the FPD.


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