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Gia Lai and Quang Ninh: Wild animals confiscated
On August 26, the Gia Lai Forest Protection Department (FPD) reported that a car traveling from Kon Tum City to Ho Chi Minh City was intercepted while illegally transporting 11 common palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and40 wild pigs (Sus scrofa), weighing a total of 500kg. The FPD ordered the driver to stop the vehicle but he instead sped up and escaped. The driver and passenger, both residents of Kon Tum City, were later arrested by Chu Puh police in coordination with the local FPD.

On August 24, a truck illegally transporting 325 elongated tortoises (Indotestudo elongate) and 285 kg of clouded monitor lizard (Varanus bengalensis) was seized by the Quang Ninh Traffic Police. The driver from Ha Long City was found to be the owner of the animals but did not have the relevant legal papers. He subsequently confessed to transporting the animals to Mong Cai City for later consumption.
(Vietnamese version)
Gia Lai: Bat vu van chuyen trai phep so luong lon thu rung
Thu giu 339kg rua vang

Thanh Hoa: Three people punished for illegal trade of wildlife
On August 28, the Thanh Hoa People’s Committee stated that three offenders had been given a total administrative fine of 90 million VND for the illegal transportation of wildlife. A man residing in Phu Yen province received a 40 million VND fine for smuggling rare timber, while two others, one from Cao Bang province and another from Tien Giang province, were fined a total of 50 million VND for the illegal trade of dried bones from the long-tailed macaca (Macaca fascicularis) and common rat snake (Ptyas mucosus).
(Vietnamese version)
Thanh Hoa: Xu phat 3 doi tuong buon ban lam san, dong vat hoang da

Ha Tinh: Pangolins smuggled through border gate
Because only a few pangolins remain in Vietnam and fetch high prices on the black market, many are smuggled from Laos into Vietnam through the Cau Treo border gate by traders, meeting the demand for food in restaurants. The Cau Treo border gate is a well-known hot spot of wildlife trade in Vietnam. 

On August 30, an interview was conducted with the Head of the Ha Tinh FPD and Deputy Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department about the illegal trade of pangolins at the border gate. When asked about the lack of response by authorities to the trade, he responded that it was nonsense, claiming that they knew nothing about the situation.

Pangolins are categorized as a rare and endangered species and are protected under Vietnamese law.
(Vietnamese version)
Te te…qua Cau Treo
Noi bao ke la vo van

Dak Lak: Forest rangers attacked by poacher
On August 28, a man identified as a local resident attacked and injured two rangers from Yok Don National Park after being discovered transporting rare and precious timer on his motorbike without legal papers. He was later arrested by district police.

Also in Yok Don National Park, over 20m3 of rare and precious timber was seized in just one week, including the confiscation of two trucks illegally transporting timber on August 20, by the Yok Don National Park FPD.
(Vietnamese version)

Lam Dong: Private zoo suspected of illegally holding wild animals
On August 26, the Lam Dong FPD led an enforcement campaign targeting restaurants illegally selling wildlife in Da Lat City and seized over 300kg of wildlife at five restaurants. One restaurant was owned by a local resident who also manages a private zoo, recently inspected by the Lam Dong FPD and believed to be an important link in the wildlife smuggling chain. Evidence suggests that animals can be bought from the zoo, and transferred in and out without registration, making illegal trade even easier.
(Vietnamese version)
Mot so thu bi nghi chua dong vat hoang da trai phep

Dak Lak: Public speak out against punishment given to FPD officer
Recent public disgruntlement over punishment given to an FPD officer from Yok Don National Park has begun to emerge. On June 28, the officer was dismissed from all Party duties by the Buon Don Party Committee. The officer is well known amongst local supporters for being extremely active in his forest protection duties, and is thought to have been punished for criticizing local authorities for their irresponsible forest management practices.
(Vietnamese version)
Vu ky luat can bo Vuon quoc gia Yok Don: Huyen uy Buon Don co tinh suy dien, ap dat vo ly

Dak Nong: Ranger arrested while protecting forest
Locals are questioning the fairness of authorities after a ranger was arrested for injuring a poacher while trying to protect forest area managed by the Truong Xuan Company  during an attack by 50 armed poachers in July. The poachers attacked the Forest Protection Office, wounding two rangers, tying up and beating seven others, and destroying public property. Many rangers have resigned in response, stating that authorities are doing nothing to protect them against threats and attacks by poachers.
(Vietnamese version)
Do mau giu rung de bi bat?

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