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Thai Nguyen: Capital punishment for poacher
On August 13, the Thai Nguyen People’s Court gave a Song Cong town man the death penalty for murder. On December 15, 2009, the accused was ordered by local rangers to stop his vehicle while transporting a large amount of illegal timber. The man ignored the order and instead sped towards the rangers, killing one officer.
(Vietnamese version)
Tu hinh lam tac lao xe vao kiem lam

Thanh Hoa: Another death at tiger farm
On August 18, the Chairman of the Tho Xuan district’s People’s Committee confirmed that a tiger being kept at a private farm died on August 7. Forensic scientists found that the 150kg tiger died from pulmonary congestion and gastric bleeding. The tiger’s organs were buried and its’ body is being kept in a refrigerator at the farm under the careful supervision of the Tho Xuan district Forest Protection Department (FPD) while awaiting handling orders from provincial authorities. This is the third death  reported at the farm where 13 tigers are being kept in captivity. In January 2008, two tigers died at the farm and were incinerated by local authorities.

Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) is calling for the incineration of the tiger to prevent it from being sold back into the illegal tiger trade. The cycle of trade is broken when animals are not returned to the market, helping reduce wildlife trade.
(Vietnamese version)
Thanh Hoa: Them mot ca the ho trong dan hon 10 con bi chet
Video of two dead tigers being incinerated at a private farm (January 2008)
Video on breeding conditions of tigers at a private farm (September 2009)

Quang Tri: Red-shanked douc langur released
On August 18, a 5kg red-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus nemaeus) was released into the wild by officers from the Dakrong Nature Reserve (NR). The langur was captured the same day by a local man enroute to his farm, who handed it over the NR’s Forest Protection Station, claiming he did not know what the animal was. After being identified as red-shanked douc langur, the animal was released back into the wild at the NR. Last month, a red-shanked douc langur was seized in Thua Thien-Hue and later transferred to the Endangered Primates Rescue Centre at Cuc Phuong National Park. The Red-shanked douc langur is categorized as rare and endangered and is protected under Vietnamese law.
(Vietnamese version)
Tha con vooc cha va quy hiem ve rung
Phat hien mot con cha va chan nau

Thanh Hoa: Wildlife animals confiscated
The Tien Phong Newspaper reported on August 17 that provincial authorities gave an administrative fine of 25 million VND to a man from Binh Dinh province for the illegal trade and transportation of 59 turtles. A stricter punishment of 150 million VND was to another man from Nghe An province for smuggling 40 pangolins and 35 turtles. The animals in both cases were seized and the vehicles will be released once the fines have been administered.

Quang Binh: Explosion at FPD office
In the early morning of August 11, a bomb exploded at the Minh Hoa district Mobile Ranger Team office. The explosion wounded the team leader who was sleeping near the point of explosion. Rangers in Quang Binh province have received threats and been attacked in recent months, most likely over the confiscations of illegally logged timber.
(Vietnamese version)
Lam tac choi "luat rung" de dan mat kiem lam

Phu Yen: Two police officers punished for using government truck to illegally transport timber
On August 16, Phu Yen police reported that a reprimand was given to the Deputy Head of the Social Security Department and a warning given to a driver from the provincial police Department of Logistics. In May, the driver was caught illegally transporting nearly 2m3 of timber using a government vehicle in Song Hinh district. The timber was seized and the driver received an administrative fine of 10 million VND. 
(Vietnamese version)
Ky luat hai can bo dung xe cong cho go trai phep

Binh Phuoc: Man in temporary custody for illegally transporting wildlife
On August 12, Bu Gia Map police placed a local man in temporary custody for the illegal transportation of a wild animal. According to early reports, rangers from Bu Gia Map National Park (NP) arrested the man transporting a 50kg Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus), which died from serious injuries the following day. The man confessed to trapping the bear in Bu Gia Map NP and was arrested before he could consume it.
(Vietnamese version)
Binh Phuoc: Bat doi tuong van chuyen gau cho quy hiem

Only around 450 gayals left in Vietnam
The figure came about from research and surveys led by Dr. Nguyen Manh Ha, an expert from Hanoi National University. According to Dr. Ha, a gayal’s organs are sought after, but its’ head and horns are considered symbols of authority and power and are highly prized by consumers, especially in the Central Highland provinces. More habitats for gayals (Bos Gaurus) must be established for their protection and help the animals from becoming extinct.
(Vietnamese version)
Viet Nam chi con khoang 450 ca the bo tot

Hanoi and Kien Giang: Illegal timber transportation cases
On August 11, Hanoi Police, in coordination with the Hanoi FPD, seized a truck driven by a man from Hoa Binh province transporting nearly 20m3 of rare and precious timber without legal papers. A Hanoi resident and owner of the load later confessed to purchasing the timber in Son La province and hiring the truck to transport it to Hanoi. According to regulations, the illegal trade and transportation of 7m3 or more of protected timber is liable to criminal prosecution.

On August 17, the Head of Kien Giang FPD reported that Giang Thanh district FPD, in cooperation with local police, intercepted a truck smuggling timber from Cambodia. The driver from An Giang province admitted to transporting the timber for a third party into Vietnam. The case is under further investigation.
(Vietnamese version)
Bat vu van chuyen go quy khoi luong lon
Kien Giang: Bat mot vu nhap lau go tu Campuchia

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