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Thanh Hoa: Two bears find news homes at rescue center
On August 4, two bears being kept illegally at a local resident’s house in Thanh Hoa were confiscated and transfered to the Animals Asia Foundation Rescue Center. The bears were discovered during a recent monitoring program held by the local FPD and World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). In addition to the consfiscation, the owner was fined 75 million VND. (Case reference 2430/ENV)

Ninh Thuan: Green sea turtle released
On July 30, 2010, the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Center and Wildlife at Risk (WAR), in coordination with the Nui Chua National Park, released a 39kg green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) into the sea at the national park. The manager of a Ho Chi Minh City restaurant had voluntarily handed over the turtle to an inspector from the Department of Quality Management and Aquacultural Source Protection in the city.
(Vietnamese version)
Tha rua xanh ve vuon quoc gia

Dak Lak: Two mature stumptail macaques released
On August 3, the Krong Bong FPD and the Chu Yang Sin National Park released two healthy adult stumptail macaques (Macaca arctoides) back into the wild. The animals had been confiscated from poachers in July by local police.
(Vietnamese version)
Tha 2 con khi mat do truong thanh ve rung

Hai Phong: Vietnam and Indonesian authorities meet to stop illegal trade of wildlife
On August 3, Vietnamese and Indonesian law enforcement agencies working to protect rare timber, wild plants and animals, met in Hai Phong for the first time to discuss cooperative opportunities between the two nations in controlling and preventing illegal trade. Ports in Vietnam are considered to be hotspots for international transit and trade of wild plants and animals. Recently, Vietnamese authorities have intercepted a number of large illegal shipments at Hai Phong ports, including the case involving tons of frozen pangolins originating from Indonesia.
(Vietnamese version)
Viet Nam va Indonesia hop tac chong buon ban go va dong thuc vat hoang da

Ho Chi Minh City: Two extra years for rhino horn smuggler
On July 30, in a second instance trial, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court revised the sentence for a Hanoi resident to three years imprisonment for illegal cross-border transportation of goods. Nearly two years ago, Ho Chi Minh City police arrested Mr. Tran Van Lap smuggling five rhinoceros horns from South Africa into Vietnam. The horns weighed a total of nearly 18 kilograms and were worth approximately 5.4 billion VND. At his first trial in August 2009, Lap was sentenced to just over one year imprisonment as there was not enough evidence to show that he had smuggled all five horns into the country, and the prosecution team only had enough evidence to prove one rhino horn was brought in. The original sentence was opposed by the local judge and an appeal was sought for a stricter punishment.
(Vietnamese version)
Vac 5 sung te giac ve Viet Nam
Xu lai vu van chuyen 5 sung te chi con 1 sung

Quang Tri: Wildlife released by Forest Protection Department
According to the Huong Hoa Forest Protection Department (FPD), on August 3, 170kg of wild animals, including 19.6kg of snakes, 25kg of monitor lizards, 42kg of pangolins, 52kg of turtles and 26.3kg of soft-shell turtles, was released into the wild. The animals were found being transported to Dong Ha
City for consumption by two men, and the case is under further investigation by local police. Over 300 individuals, including 73 rare animals, have been intercepted by the FPD in Huong Hoa district in six separate cases of illegal transportation and trade of wild animals.

Dak Nong: Forest rangers attacked by poachers
Following a short respite, violent attacks by poachers are on the increase again, directly threatening the lives of forest rangers. On July 28, in order to rescue an accomplice who had been arrested for felling trees in a forestry area managed by the Truong Xuan Company, 50 armed poachers attacked the Forest Protection Office and wounded two rangers, tied up and beat seven others, then set fire to the office and destroyed public property. The attack is considered by authorities to be very serious, well organized and showing a complete disregard for the law.
(Vietnamese version)
Nhuc nhoi “lam tac” tan cong kiem lam

Dong Nai: In the Gayal Kingdom
After an assignment visit to the Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve, a journalist from the Cong an Nhan dan newspaper wrote an article telling the story of the nature reserve’s great conservation efforts on behalf of gayals (Bos Gaurus). While in many areas poachers commonly hunt and trap these wild beasts, the number is growing daily at the Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve. The reserve, located in Dong Nai province, provides a wonderful habitat for gayals in Vietnam, where local people and the rare animals live together peacefully. The head of the local Forest Protection Station was quoted as saying “There are many herds of gayals here, with the total number well into the hundreds”. Gayals are rare and precious ungulates protected under Vietnamese law, with the largest example of the species weighing up to a ton.
(Vietnamese version)
Chuyen ghi o “vuong quoc" bo tot

Elephant tail hair is not precious
Responding to news about the recent theft elephant tail hair, Dr. Pham Trong Anh from the Vertebrate Animal Department of the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources told reporters from the Khoa hoc Doi song newspaper, that there has been no research proving the medicinal effects of elephant tail hair. It is a common myth and from a scientific point of view, elephant tail hair is not special and it is very easy to produce fake samples.
(Vietnamese version)
Long duoi voi khong quy
Khoi to bon doi tuong trom long duoi voi

Hanoi: ‘No Plastic Bags’ Day
On August 8, the ’Hanoi - a Sunday without plastic bags‘ program will be held in 28 districts and 1 town in Hanoi by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, with many activities such as Cycling for the Environment and Walking around Westlake for the Environment taking place. Residents will also be able to exchange waste paper for environmentally-friendly bags at markets. The program aims to raise community awareness about the harm of plastic bags, attempting to cut down their use and encouraging people to give them up altogether.
(Vietnamese version)
Ha Noi – Ngay Chu nhat khong tui ni long

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