News Brief (E373, 09 July, 2010)

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Dak Lak: Another elephant found dead
On July 6, residents from the Ea Hmo Forest found a partially decomposed elephant. The elephant was estimated as weighing 1 ton and was believed to have died a month earlier. According to The Forest Protection Department in Ea Hmo, Dak Lak province police removed the animal’s head for further investigation.
(Vietnamese version)
Mot con voi bi cat dau

Vietnamese national sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for smuggling rhino horn
On June 30, a Vietnamese national was sentenced to 10 years in jail for smuggling rhino horn in South Africa which will be a precedent. The accused was caught transporting seven rhino horns totaling 110,000 USD on March 29. The tribunal declined his plea for clemency and request for a fine as a warning to other smugglers. Since 2003, there have been several convictions involving Vietnamese nationals smuggling rhino products. South African rhinos are facing extinction; therefore smuggling cases are treated severely by authorities. Since 2005, ENV has documented and followed about 26 cases related to rhinos or rhino smuggling.
(Vietnamese version)
Nhan 10 nam tu o nuoc ngoai vi buon lau sung te giac

Dien Bien: Large cache of turtles discovered
On July 6, Dien Bien Police intercepted a motorbike transporting 85kg of wildlife, including 39 different turtle species. The suspect admitted that he had collected the wildlife from residents in Dien Bien province. The turtles will be delivered to the local police department for transfer to the Forest Protection Department.
(Vietnamese version)
Van chuyen trai phep 85kg dong vat hoang da

Quang Ngai: Coral smugglers apprehended
Team 288 of the Coastguard in Binh Son district caught three vehicles transporting 15kg of coral. Despite bans in place to prevent the exploitation of coral, coral smuggling still exists because of the high price coral fetches on the black market, sometimes up to 2 million VND per block. The coral has been confiscated and the smugglers have been fined 10 million VND.
(Vietnamese version)
Bat giu ba ke van chuyen san ho trai phep

Khanh Hoa: Seven douc langurs killed
On 6-7, Patrol team and commune police defected group of hunters transporting seven dead douc langurs ). The suspects and exhibit including two shotguns were delivered to the Police office for further investigation and penal prosecute. These animals are considered to be black-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix nigripes) according to initial investigation/test. Black-shanked douc langur is rare endangered wildlife needing protecting in 1B group - Vietnam Red Book.
(Vietnamese version)
Bat giu ba doi tuong giet hai bay con vooc quy hiem

Quang Binh: Another case of transporting wildlife
On 8-7, Mobile Forest Protection Department (FPD) arrested a vehicle transporting 1,2 tons of wildlife including elongated tortoise (Indotestudo elongat), yellow-headed temple turtle (Hieremys annandalii), cobra (Naja atra), soft-shell turtle… On the same day, another vehicle was detected transporting 59 monitor lizards (Varanus sp.) without permission. Some days before, FPD also 1,4 tons of wild turtles were found being transported in this province. The culprit of the first case will be fined 475 millions VND for wildlife transportation.
(Vietnamese version)
O to cho 1,2 tan dong vat hoang da

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