News Brief (E371, 25 June, 2010)

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Nghe An: Resident arrested for keeping wildlife
According to Vietnamnet reporters, Nghe An Environmental Police  confiscated two tigers (unidentified), oneleopard (unidentified) and other wildlife (unidentified) beingkept at a private residence on June 22. The animals were all found dead and stored in a bag. Police also discovered 5kg of tiger bone, most likely destined to become tiger bone glue. The resident has been arrested pending further investigation.
(Vietnamese version)
Bat giu 3 ca the ho bao

Nghe An: Rhinos openly kept at private ‘zoo’
Two large rhinos fromAfricawere bought by a private farm in Nghe An province, while the death of the rhino in Cat Tien National Park has been virtually forgotten. Other endangered wildlife species such as tiger, bear, zebra, white horse, antelope and deer (unidentified) are also being kept at the farm. The rhinos breeding is  not a secret, as citizens can breed rhinos if their farm meets the requirements of regulation on wildlife transportation and trade under the permission of International and Vietnamese Law and CITES Vietnam. In this particular instance, the farm has also been licensed by the Forest Protection Agency. It is necessary, however, to closely monitor rhino breeding in Vietnam to prevent rhinos from being illegally traded. According to a Nghe An local, two white tigers will be brought to the farm in the coming weeks.

Click on the following link to read about the investigation by Vietnamnet reporters who approached the farm to find out more.
(Vietnamese version)
Bi mat dang sau trai nuoi te giac
Dot nhap trang trai thu hoang miet dong rung xu Nghe
Mot dai gia nuoi te giac nhu
Xem te giac chau Phi nhon nho o mien Tay xu Nghe

Dak Nong: Monitor lizards released
On 16 June, the Dak Nong Forest Protection Department (FPD) released ten Monitor lizards (Varanus sp.) into a forest, witnessed by provincial authorities. The lizards were discovered on June 14 while local authorities were conducting a routine check on a vehicle in Dak Song District. It is believed that they were being transported to Ho Chi Minh City for sale.
(Vietnamese version)
Tha 10 ca the ky da ve rung

Hanoi: Smoke poisoning the air
In addition to Hanoi’s recent hot and muggy weather conditions, Hanoians are suffering from breathing difficulties and burning eyes caused by the amount of smoke in the air. Vietnamese scientists report that the smoke is actually a photochemical haze, also known as inverse temperature, and is usually responsible for acid rain. The smoke phenomenon this year is different to the past. This year, hot air has amassed up to 3,000m high in the atmosphere, without causing any acid rain. Hot weather, exhaust fumes and construction using concrete are thought to be the culprits, making the smoky air unavoidable like global warming.
(Vietnamese version)
Khoi mu quang hoa co hai cho suc khoe nhu the nao?

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