News Brief (E369, 11 June, 2010)

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Authentic tiger bone glue difficult to find
Tiger bone glue has been considered a valuable traditional medicine for hundreds of years, making it difficult to find authentic glue and the market being flooded with fake samples. The fact remains that the perceived miracle effect of tiger bone glue was built on rumors and there is yet to be any hard scientific evidence backing up claims about its effectiveness. Patients suffering from cardiac or liver complaints and hypertension might even be putting their health at serious risk by using this product.
(Vietnamese version)
Nhung benh khong duoc dung cao ho

Đăk Lăk: Hit and run reveals case of timber smuggling
On June 7, M’Drăk district police arrested a man for a hit and run incident. The suspect did not stop to help his victim, instead attempted to flee the scene of the accident to avoid being detected with a load of illegal timber. Police were able to capture the suspect and his vehicle. The hit and run victim died on the way to hospital, while both the suspect and the vehicle were brought to the police.
(Vietnamese version)
Da bat duoc doi tuong cho go lau gay tai nan roi bo chay

Nam Cat Tien: Rhino horn trade
The case of a rhino killed for its horn at Nam Cat Tien National Park has attracted the attention of authorities and local residents. However, some wildlife traders are ignoring authorities and are continuing to sell rhino horn at a cheap price while an authentic rhino horn may fetch billions of VND. Despite the cheap prices, the illegal rhino horn trade is still reaping big benefits from the sale of both authentic and fake rhino horn.
(Vietnamese version)
San lung te giac - Can than keo tien mat tat mang

Companies continue to pollute while Vedan bargains over compensation
Despite clear evidence that the main culprit for water pollution in the Thi Vai River is the Vedan company, local residents are yet to be compensated. Vedan claims that the investigation result was not objective and offered a mere 1/10 of the estimated environmental cost. Meanwhile, Mien Hua, a precision engineering company in Long An City, was continuing to release untreated waste water. On June 7, Mien Hua was fined 75 million VND by the local People’s Committee.
(Vietnamese version)
Vedan lai cu cua mac ca
Xa thai ra moi truong, mot cong ty bi phat 75 trieu dong

New resources

Postcard released
In memory of the deceased Javan Rhino, postcards of the animal have been produced by Wildlife at Risk (WAR), aiming to raise public awareness on conservation issues surrounding the rhino and other endangered species. The postcards are being freely distributed to anyone who is interested in learning more about Vietnam’s unique wildlife and biodiversity. Comments on the postcards will be collected to produce a special Asian Elephant postcard in the memory of seven wild elephants that were killed recently.
(English version)
New Rhino postcard distribution

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