News Brief (E368, 04 June, 2010)

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Ho Chi Minh City: Leopard finds new home in National Park
On 31 May, a leopard (Panthera pardus) was transferred to Cat Tien National Park by the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Center and HCMC Ranger Department following two years of rehabilitation. This is the first time agencies in the south of Vietnam have successfully rehabilitated such a large carnivore. The Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Center has been involved in the rescue of around 2,000 animals of 40 different species, with many included in IUCN’s Red Book.
(Vietnamese version)
Cuu ho thanh cong con bao hoa mai quy hiem

Hanoi: Wildlife trader prosecuted
On May 26, Thanh Xuan Police prosecuted a man and his accomplices involved the transportation of 17 cobras (Naja atra), including one king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah). All these snakes were transferred to the Soc Son Wildlife Rescue Center.
(Vietnamese version)
Khoi to nhom buon ban dong vat hoang da

Dong Nai: Elephants poisoned
On June 1, Dong Nai Police and relevant agencies met to discuss the deaths of seven elephants at the Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve. One elephant was found to have drowned, while six others, including females and their offspring, died after consuming pesticide on leaves. The deaths highlight the continuing conflict between humans and elephants when the animals are forced into human settlements and onto farms in a search for food as their habitats continue to dwindle.
(Vietnamese version)
6 tren 7 con voi chet do ngo doc

Ha Noi: Quang Minh industrial zone enterprises release pollutants into environment
Quang Minh industrial zone is the home of many enterprises that have been seriously polluting the environment for many years. Up to 58 enterprises were found either not having appropriate waste water processing systems or none at all, and were releasing untreated waste water directly into Ca Lo River and Va Lagoon. In spite of being administratively punished, the enterprises have continued to pollute the environment. In reaction to this, on May 24, the Environmental Police Chamber petitioned the City People’s Committee to prevent further pollution.
(Vietnamese version)
KCN Quang Minh xa thai gay o nhiem moi truong
KCN Quagn Minh xa thai gay o nhiem nghiem trong den dan cu

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