News Brief (E366, 21 May, 2010)

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Hai Phong: More elephant ivory, pangolin scales confiscated
On May 12, Hai Phong Customs found pangolin scales aboard a ship from Indonesia, and on May 14, discovered a Malaysian ship carrying a large load of elephant tusks. It is the second time this month that Customs have discovered an illegal shipment of elephant tusk at a Hai Phong port. Both cases are pending further investigation.
(Vietnamese version)
Nga voi nhap lau giau trong rau cau
Bat giu hang tan vay te te giau trong container rong bien

Wildlife products not useful in treating medical conditions, doctors say
In response to a case in which a lung cancer patient died immediately after using ground rhino horn to treat herself, the Head of the Traditional Medicine Department of a well-known hospital in Hanoi reiterated that no scientific research conducted by either domestic or foreign experts proves that rhino horn is effective in the treatment of medical conditions such as cancer or for improving general health.

In related news, the Science and Life newspaper published a statement by the Chairman of Vietnamese Traditional Medicine on the current misuse of bear bile. He said that there is not any official proof of  the effectiveness of bear bile as medication. The Chairman reported seeing a number of patients suffer liver and kidney deterioration and even die after using bear bile.
(Vietnamese version)
Tu vong vi dung sung te gia tri ung thu
Chet vi boi bo bang mat gau

Wildlife rescued
On May 12, two Northern white-cheeked gibbons (Hylobates concolor leucogennys) and a green peafowl (Pavo muticus) being kept at a cafe in southern Tay Ninh province were rescued by the provincial Forest Protection Department (FPD) and Environmental Police and were given new homes at the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Center in Ho Chi Minh City. On May 13, a seal (Leptonychotes sp.) hunted and kept by a local fisherman was rescued by the Quang Tri provincial Fisheries Department and Environment Police and later released into the sea.
(Vietnamese version)
Giai cuu hai ca the vuon den ma trang
Tha mot con hai cau tro lai bien

Tay Ninh: Eight wild animals back in their natural habitat
On May 15, eight wild animals confiscated from illegal trade and ownership cases have been returned to the wild. The wildlife included four pangolins, one water monitor lizard, one stump-tailed macaque and two pig-tailed macaques.
(Vietnamese version)
Tha 8 dong vat hoang da quy hiem ve tu nhien

Quang Ngai: Resident hands over langur
On May 12, a resident voluntarily handed over a grey-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus cinerea) to the provincial FPD) and was later placed at the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
(Vietnamese version)
Phat hien con vooc cha va chan xam tai nha dan

Dak Lak: Death of two elephants
On May 18, a 60-year-old male elephant with a 30-cm tusk reportedly died as a result of exhaustion. The elephant had been kept by the Buon Don Tourism Center since 2005. Another male elephant at Yok Don National Park died of old age.
(Vietnamese version)
Voi nha 60 tuoi chet vi suy kiet
Mot con voi cua vuon quoc gia Yok Don bi chet

Da Nang: Cau Trang River “dying” from untreated industrial waste
While the consequences of environmental damage from seriously polluted water in the Tra Khuc River in central Quang Ngai province are still being assessed, the Cau Trang River in central Da Nang province is also being polluted by untreated waste water from a nearby industrial zone and has resulted in the death of large numbers of fish. Alarm bells are ringing over the issue of rivers being polluted by untreated waste water from industrial zones.
(Vietnamese version)
Da Nang ca chet trang song do o nhiem

Green Business Award 2010 announced
On May 18, Vietnam’s Ministry of Resources and Environment announced that submissions can begin for the Green Business Award 2010. The biennial award began in 2006 and is designed to encourage Vietnamese businesses to play greater roles in environmental protection through the research and development of environmentally-friendly products.
(Vietnamese version)
Phat dong giai thuong doanh nghiep xanh lan thu 3-2010

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