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Cat Tien National Park: Investigation into death of extremely rare Javan rhino
In response to the death of a rare Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus), the head of Cat Tien National Park said that the rhino probably died of natural causes. Yet according to a scientific examination by WWF, the rhino was shot and its horn was missing, thus pointing the finger at poachers. Provincial police and relevant agencies are working together to investigate the case.
(Vietnamese version)
Te giac chet tai VQG Cat Tien khong phai do san ban
Link to WWF’s Press Release:

Ha Tinh: Pangolin trade across Vietnam-Laos border
Following a route used by wildlife traders, a Nong Thon Ngay Nay journalist unveiled instances of illegal transportation and trade of pangolins at the Cau Treo trade border gate between Laos and Vietnam. Shipments of pangolins are reportedly processed and sent onward to Hanoi and the Vietnam-China border. A number of shipments involved several tons of pangolins, but traders managed to evade authorities through sophisticated smuggling methods and corrupt border guards.
(Vietnamese version)
Tham nhap duong day buon ban te te bai 1-Nhung ba trum pho nui
Tham nhap duong day buon ban te te bai 2- Cong nghe lam hang
Tham nhap duong day buon ban te te bai cuoi- Hang ve Ha Noi

Ha Noi: Storage and transport of wildlife
On May 5, Thanh Xuan District Police and Hanoi Environmental Police arrested a man transporting 17 Chinese cobras (Naja atra), including one king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah). On May 11, a load containing Chinese cobras (Naja atra) weighing a total of 28 kgwas also discovered by Gia Lam District Police. Meanwhile, northern Binh Phuoc District Police confiscated a cache of common rat snakes, monitor lizards and water monitor lizards.
(Vietnamese version)
Phat hien vu van chuyen 15,5kg ran ho mang
Ran ho mang "nhot" trong vali
Binh Phuoc: Bat 3 doi tuong van chuyen dong vat hoang da

Quang Binh: Resident voluntarily hands over lorises
On May 7, a resident voluntarily handed over two Pygmy lorises (Nycticebus pygmaeus) to the provincial FPD. The two animals are now at the Wildlife Rescue Center at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.
(Vietnamese version)
Quang Binh: Nguoi dan giao nop dong vat quy hiem

Can jewellery made from elephant tusk cure disease?
In response to the question of the effectiveness of elephant tusk jewellery in medical treatments raised in the Science and Life newspaper, Vietnamese animal expert and chairman of the Vietnam Animal Husbandry Association said that there is no scientific link between using such items for healthcare, such as in the prevention of poisoning.
(Vietnamese version)
Tac dung cua nga voi

Quang Ngai: Large numbers of fish dying in Tra Khuc River
Following a series of reports in Vietnamese media on the large numbers of fish that have been dying in Tra Khuc River as a result of seriously pollutedwater, the Director of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment said that the river has been polluted by untreated waste water from the Quang Ngai Sugarcane Joint Stock Company (JSC). The JSC admitted to its violation, which has been occurring for some time. The scale of environmental damage is being considered to determine appropriate punishment.
(Vietnamese version)
Vu xa nuoc thai tren song Tra Khuc

Environmental offender mistakenly awarded
According to the Nong Thon Ngay Nay newspaper, on May 11 of this year, an award was mistakenly given to a Vietnamese entrepreneur who was found in 2009 to have committed environmental violations. When asked about the mistake, a member of the jury board said that they could not examine every one’s background as there were numerous entrepreneurs participating in the contest. The award ceremony, “Knowledge of Thang Long-Hanoi”, was held on May 5 to honor Vietnamese entrepreneurs who have made outstanding business performances in contribution to the national economic development.
(Vietnamese version)
Pha hoai moi truong van duoc...ton vinh

Ho Chi Minh: Punishment for illegal logging, attacking ranger
On May 5, the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City announced a sentence of more than three years in jail to a man found illegally logging and seriously injuring a ranger. The man was also fined 5 million VND to cover the ranger’s medical treatment.
(Vietnamese version)
Phat tu ke pha rung gay an voi nguoi bao ve rung

Ho Chi Minh: Environment protector recognized
On May 12, the Lao Dong newspaper recognized 70-year-old Pham Van Tan for his contribution to environmental protection. For the past 35 years, Pham has been devoting his life to collecting untreated waste and bodies of dumped animals in the Cau Me Dyke, helping reduce the amount of pollution in the waterway.
(Vietnamese version)
Nua doi vot rac tren kenh

Upcoming events
Quang Binh: Vietnam Sea and Island Week 2010
Vietnam Sea and Island Week with the 2010 theme of "The ocean gives us life, so let’s preserve it", will be held in the central province of Quang Binh from June 4 to 6. Organized by Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the event will include a wide range of activities in response to World Environment Day (June 5), World Ocean Day (June 8) and the International Year of Biodiversity.
(Vietnamese version)

Tuan le bien va hai dao Viet Nam nam 2010 se to chuc o Quang Binh

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