News Brief (E363, 29 April, 2010)

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Nghe An: No punishment for assaulting forest protection officers
Two officers from the Protected Forest Management department in Tan Ky district received a total of 30 months suspended sentences for burning down illegal campsites erected on forest land. Meanwhile, those involved in the recent attack upon forest protection officers received no punishment for their actions. Forest protection officers remain discouraged while the Tan Ky Protected Forest is continually being destroyed.    
(Vietnamese version)
Hanh hung can bo bao ve rung khong bi xu ly

Dak Lak: Highland elephants risk losing tails
Now elephant owners are on a constant watch for poachers out to cut off elephant tails. Tourists visiting the area want to buy jewelry adorned with elephant tail fur as it believed to bring good luck and safety to whomever is wearing it.   
(Vietnamese version)
Long duoi voi am anh

Mui Ca Mau Biosphere Reserve: Opportunity and challenge
On April 25, Ca Mau province held a ceremony marking membership into UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves of three zones in the province referred to as the Mui Ca Mau Biosphere Reserve. UNESCO officially recognized the reserve on 26 May, 2009. According to scientists, this is one of the most important biosphere reserve zones in Vietnam as it includes diversified ecosystems. The Mui Ca Mau Biosphere Reserve has to face the dual challenge of global climate change and local residents’ lack of awareness in the importance of protecting nature.
(Vietnamese version)
Khu du tru sinh quyen Mui Ca Mau co hoi va thach thuc

Nghe An & Ha Tinh: Illegal transportation of wildlife
On April 26, along the 1A National Highway in Vinh City, Nghe An police discovered and arrested the driver of a bus with a Laotian license plate carrying 71kg of rare turtles and a monitor lizard (Varanus sp.). Earlier on April 20, District police in Ha Tinh province intercepted two people illegally transporting three Malayan sun bears (Helarctos malayanus) weighing a total of 17.5kg. On April 24, these three bears were transferred to Soc Son Rescue Center.
(Vietnamese version)
Bat giu xe khach van chuyen 71kg DVHD
Phat hien hai doi tuong van chuyen ba con gau

Cao Bang: Newspaper a positive influence for the environment
After the Lao Dong newspaper published a series of articles covering the poisoning of the Hien River and the destruction of Phia Oac Forest as a result of the mining of minerals in the area, Cao Bang province organized a meeting between the Cao Bang Natural Resource and Environment Departments, Thach An district and Nguyen Binh district. The Provincial Party Committee Secretary directed that all activities related to the illegal exploitation of gold and minerals and the destruction of the precious Phia Oac Forest need to cease immediately.
(Vietnamese version)
Can cham dut nan khai thac vang tren song Hien

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