News Brief (E362, 22 April, 2010)

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National Assembly member honored for his work in protecting bears
National Assembly member Mr. Nguyen Dinh Xuan is actively involved in efforts to address illegal bear tourism in Ha Long City in Quang Ninh province. In 2009, he led an inspection of some of the bear farms in Ha Long City in order to assess this situation, requested that relevant authorities deal with violations, and raised awareness amongst Korean tourists about the problem. On April 20, the Mayor of the City of Bern (Swiss) honored him for his dedication to the protection of bears in Vietnam.
(Vietnamese version)
Giai cuu gau tu nhung cuoc vi hanh
Press release
Ha Long bear tourism briefing

Storage and transport of wildlife
On April 19, Hanoi police discovered and confiscated two king cobras (Ophiophagus hannah) weighing a total of 19.5kg. On April 14, Nghe An Environmental Police intercepted a bus with a Laotian license plate carrying an assortment of wild animals and products, including two bear cubs, 25 pairs of frozen bear paws weighing approximately 50kg, and 129 different turtles weighing 130kg in total.
(Vietnamese version)
Cho hai con gau tu Lao ve Nghe An tieu thu
Van chuyen ran ho mang trai phep

Kon Tum: Loggers savagely attack rangers
On April 17, a group of around 20 loggers robbed a car loaded with timber confiscated earlier by authorities and attacked rangers at the Se San Forest Protection Station, leaving one ranger seriously injured. Following the attack, the Kon Tum People’s Committee conducted an urgent meeting to address the issue and decided that the case must be dealt with firmly and swiftly.   
(Vietnamese version)
Lam tac chem trong thuong kiem lam

Quang Nam: Enterprise responsible for destruction of forest
An enterprise in Quang Nam took advantage of land it was renting to produce rubber and destroyed more than 32 hectares of natural forest without permission from the People’s Committee. The district Forest Protection Department (FPD) recommended that the case be prosecuted but a senior officer from the Quang Nam People’s Committee said that the company should only receive an administrative fine.
(Vietnamese version)
Doanh nghiep sot sang pha rung
Chi phat hanh chinh thoi

Dak Lak: Prosecution of illegal timber trade case
On April 16, police from the Ea H’leo District prosecuted a person for illegal timber trade and transportation. The case began in December 2009 and involved 120 boxes of illegal timber with total of 47.208m3.
(Vietnamese version)
Khoi to nguoi mua gan 50m3 go quy de ...lam nha

Hai Duong: Company discharges untreated waste into river
On April 13, Provincial Environmental Police discovered that the Tung Kuang Company had been pouring untreated waste water into the Ghe River. Meanwhile, a processing company had been using the river as a source for the production of clean water and supplies for thousands of households in the area. The manager of Tung Kuang claims that he was not aware that the pollution was occurring.
(Vietnamese version)
Nghiem trong nhu vu Vedan

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