News Brief (E361, 16 April, 2010)

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Lang Son: Nearly 50 kilos of wild animals confiscated from restaurant
On April 7, Lang Son police confiscated an assortment of wild animals including turtle, radiated rat snakes (Elaphe radiate), Indochinese rat snakes (Ptyas korros) and soft-shell turtles allegedly en route to a neighboring country. The animals were transferred to the District Forest Protection Department on the same day.
(Vietnamese version)
Lang Son: Thu giu gan 50kg dong vat hoang da

Quang Binh: Public voluntarily hand over wild animals
On April 7, the Provincial Environmental Police stated that following a month of awareness-raising, local residents keeping wild animals as pets voluntarily handed them over to the Centre for Scientific Research and Rescue in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, including 8 macaque individuals and a python. Many of the animals listed  the IUCN Red Book of Endangered Species.
(Vietnamese version)
Quang Binh: Nguoi dan tu nguyen giao nop DVHD

Dong Nai: Circus elephant kills student
On April 10, a student was killed by an elephant after he entered the animal pen at the Sao Mai circus. The Vice Manager of the circus told reporters that the accident occurred during lunchtime when security guards were careless in preventing students from irritating the animals. The student’s father accepted 50 million VND in compensation and agreed not to press charges.
(Vietnamese version)
Voi xiec quat chet mot hoc sinh

Forest destruction case at Ben En National Park
Three rangers have been suspended from their positions in order to clarify responsibility for a logging case in Ben En National Park that started at the beginning of the year while authorities investigate the case.
(Vietnamese version)
Khoi to vu an pha rung Vuon quoc gia Ben En

Head of Provincial FPD responds to journalists’ reports of inaction 
In response to journalists from the Tien Phong newspaper who highlighted the issue of illegal logging in Huong Lam District  last week, the Head of the Ha Tinh Provincial Forest Protection Department (FPD) acknowledged the situation and asked for sympathy, stating that authorities in the region had tried their best. According to him, this is a sensitive issue that cannot be rushed and he reiterated that the FPD’s role is to strictly deal with violations. 
(Vietnamese version)
Sau loat bai Dot nhap vuong quoc go lau

Quang Ngai: Tiger terrifies residents
Recently, tigers  have reportedly been appearing in Son Ha district and surrounding areas, terrifying residents. According to the locals, tigers were not uncommon in the area ten years ago before forests were destroyed. A few of the tigers have been killed by residents, with one admitting to doing so in order to protect livestock.
(Vietnamese version)
Hoang hon vi ho ve lang
Kon Tum: Geologic survey of tungsten in Chu Mom Ray National Park
On Febuary 8, the Bureau Chief from the Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam - Ministry of Resources and Environment officially signed documents allowing the geologic survey of tungsten in Chu Mom Ray National Park, sparking much discussion and debate. On April 12, in an interview with journalists, the Vice Head of the People’s Committee stated his encouragement of the survey, saying that the exploitation of the metal will help the economic development of poorer provinces such as Kon Tum.
(Vietnamese version)
Se la dai cong truong giua vuon quoc gia

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