News Brief (E358, 26 Mar, 2010)

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Ho Chi Minh: 33 pangolins found at airport
On March 20, Ho Chi Minh City authorities confiscated 33 pangolins intended for a flight headed north at Tan Son Nhat Airport. Unfortunately, two pangolins died, the remaining 31 pangolins have been transferred to the Cu Chi Rescue Center.
(Vietnamese version)
Bat duoc 33 con te te Java tai san bay

Quang Ninh: Elephant tusk haul discovered
On March 19, Quang Ninh traffic police discovered a car carrying 30 whole and 15 pieces of elephant tusk weighing a total of 149.3kg. The case is undergoing further investigation. 
(Vietnamese version)
Bat vu van chuyen 149,3kg nga voi

Quang Binh: Forest protection officer injured
On March 16, a group of around 20 loggers went to a Forest Protection Station in Ke Go Nature Reserve to attack officers working there and rob tools that had been earlier confiscated from the group. One officer was seriously injured during the attack. 
(Vietnamese version)
Lam tac danh trong thuong nguoi bao ve rung

Quang Tri: Big discovery of illegal timber
In a recent campaign by the Forest Protection Department (FPD) to find evidence of the illegal logging of forest timber, the Vinh Linh district FPD discovered 120m3 of timber concealed in various locations at Vinh Ha commune and Ben Quang town.
(Vietnamese version)
Phat hien 120m3 go lau

Cao Bang: Gold mining poison citizens
The Hien River, which supplies water to the residents of Cao Bang, has become polluted as a result of gold mining activities in the area. Residents have been using water that may include two types of very dangerous toxins: mercury and xianua.
(Vietnamese version)
Thi xa bi dau doc: Chuyen kho tin ben dong song chet
Thi xa bi dau doc: Bac mat vi co vang

Hoan Kiem turtle: nature, not luck
Whenever the Hoan Kiem turtle appears on the surface of the lake, citizens are eager to catch a glimpse for themselves. The floating turtle is seen as the signal for big events in Vietnam and is believed to bring good luck. Scientists have dispelled this myth in their statement that the Hoan Kiem turtle is simply a reptile that breathes through the lung, and needs to float on the water’s surface for at least 30 minutes every time it comes up for air.   
(Vietnamese version)
Ly giai hien tuong rua noi lien tuc

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