News Brief (E355, 05 Mar, 2010)

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Spiritual mystery helps protect forests
Despite many appeals to protect the nation’s forest resources, forests continue to be destroyed. Fortunately,  some remain in their natural state, such as the Cam Mieu Forest in Quang Nam province and the Muong Khuong Commune forests in Lao Cai District. Locals see these forests as spiritual guardians and if they are damaged, the locals will be negatively affected. In particular, the Cam Mieu forest is protected by the spiritual mystery surrounding the forest’s timber, while the Pa Di people in Muong Khuong Commune listen to advice from village elders about the importance of protecting forests.
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Ha Tinh: Ranger attacked
On February 28, a ranger from the Hoa Hai Forest Protection Department (FPD) in Vu Quang National Park was attacked by a group of people wielding swords and beer bottles. The ranger was seriously injured and has been taken to the Huong Khe Polyclinic Hospital. The Hoa Hai FPD had confiscated seven floats of timber from the attackers two days earlier. After unsuccessful attempts to persuade the officers to return the timber, the group turned violent.
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Nghe An: Bear attacks woman
A reporter from the Vietnamese Law Newspaper was finally able to meet a woman being treated in hospital after being attacked by a bear. The doctor treating the woman believed that the bear attacked her while she was feeding it and caused serious wounds to both her arms. The woman was working as a housemaid for the owner of a bear farm in Nghi Loc District. Questions were raised in the article regarding a possible cover-up by the bear owner, who does not have legal permits to raise bears. The case is under investigation for further information.
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Ninh Thuan: Marine turtles have special protectors
Since 2001, locals living in Ninh Hai District have turned into active protectors of marine turtles after becoming aware of the benefits of conservation. The same locals were well-known for catching marine turtles to sell as food, traditional medicine and souvenirs.
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Kon Tum: Wildlife hunted publicly
According to an article on the website, there are groups of hunters equipped with firearms, dogs and nets active in a forest near Chu Mom Ray Natural Reserve. The reporter witnessed the hunters killing a macaque and cooking it out in the open at the edge of the forest and calls for better measures to protect the forest.
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Amendment for Bulletin 354
In last week’s bulletin, we incorrectly published the quantity of pangolins in the story: ‘Hai Phong: Two tons of live pangolins found’. The quantity should have been 200 kilograms. We apologize for any confusion caused.

ENV’s activities

ENV staff training
This week, wildlife enforcement expert, Justin Gosling, provided training to seven members of ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit on investigation and interview methods in order to strengthen the Unit’s capacity to investigate and track wildlife crime cases more successfully.

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