News Brief (E354, 26 Feb, 2010)

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Hai Phong: Two tons of live pangolins found
A Ben Binh Traffic Police Team and the Thuy Nguyen Market Management Team confiscated over two tons of live pangolins after checking a car. The driver admitted to transporting the wildlife for another person.
(Vietnamese version)
Thu giữ 2 tạ tê tê sống

Quang Nam: Grey-shanked douc langur released
The Quang Nam Provincial Forest Protection Department (FPD) rescued a grey-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus) from locals before they killed it for food recently. Authorities have transferred the animal to the Primate Rescue Center at Cuc Phuong National Park.
(Vietnamese version)
Giải cứu một con voọc quý

FPD busy with illegal timber cases
On February 18, a Chon Thanh Police Team from Binh Phuoc province stopped a man driving a suspicious-looking car and found approximately 7m3 of timber being carried without legal papers. During the Tet holiday, the Quang Binh Provincial FPD cooperated with local authorities to investigate and confiscate more than 90m3 in total of timber from the area. On February 20, a Lam Dong Provincial FPD team checked a container en route to Ho Chi Minh City and found 12.7m3 in total of rare timber that did not match the permits provided. The Sa Thay District FPD in Kon Tum province discovered more than 100 boxes of rare timber being transported without legal papers in the Ho Da area during the Tet holiday.
(Vietnamese version)
Vận chuyển gỗ lậu
Thu giữ trên 90m3 gỗ lậu
Bắt vụ vận chuyển gỗ
Phát hiện khối lượng lớn gỗ

Phu Tho: Officer prosecuted for taking bribe
On February 23, the Economic Crime Investigation Team prosecuted an officer from the Viet Tri District FPD for taking a bribe. According to the prosecution, the officer was sentenced to four-months in custody for his misbehavior. On February 7, instead of following legal procedures, the man accepted VND100 million from a person transporting illegal forest products.
(Vietnamese version)
Khởi tố Hạt phó Kiểm lâm

Hanoi: Household waste dumped in lake
A  Soc Son Police Team, together with local authorities, investigated and imposed an administrative fine on the Noi Bai Manufacturing and Trade and Environmental Services Joint Stock Company for its illegal dumping of waste recently. The authorities discovered that the company had verbally promised households in the area to treat their sewage and dispose of it legally. They were instead found to be dumping it in Dong Tram Lake. From 2008 to 2009, 425 tons of waste ended up in lakes and ponds in Soc Son District.
(Vietnamese version)
Đổ hàng trăm tấn chất thải xuống hồ

Dak Lak: Ea Ral - The most ancient forest in the world
According to an article on the website, Ea Ral of Ea Hleo District is widely believed to be the most ancient forest in the world as it is home 270 thuy tung trees (Glyptostrobus pensilis), the largest concentration of the species ever found in the world. In recent years, people have been increasingly looking at thuy tung tree for its cancer curing properties, drastically reducing the number across the globe. The Dak Lak FPD has proposed the expansion of the Thuy tung Tree Community Conservation Center, however no official decision has been made.
(Vietnamese version)
Khu rừng cổ nhất thế giới

Dangers of forest fire
Fire in the buffer zone of the Hoang Lien National Park which ruined more than 700 hectares of forest in Lao Cai Province is considered the biggest forest fire since the fire in U Minh Thuong, U Minh Ha Forest in 2002. According to the National FPD, six provinces have now been placed on full alert for forest fires: An Giang, Ca Mau, Gia Lai, Kien Giang, Kon Tum, and Lam Dong. Hot, dry weather and cultivation burning are fuelling the fires. Even with the increased danger, some provinces are still not equipped with appropriate firefighting equipment.
(Vietnamese version)
Cháy rừng: Nguy cơ luôn rình rập
6 tỉnh thành có nguy cơ cháy rừng

Kon Tum: Wildlife meat sold publicly
Online news website reported that many people have been selling wildlife meat directly in front of the gate of People’s Committee. The origin of the wildlife meat is unknown, but according to some sellers, they can earn VND280,000 per kg by selling wild pig meat.
(Vietnamese version)
Thịt thú rừng bày bán trước cổng UBND tỉnh

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