News Brief (E349, 15 Jan, 2010)

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Coral being over-exploited for trade
Listed in Vietnam’s Red Book, reed coral (Isis hipputis) is being over-exploited in Nha Trang and then shipped to Ho Chi Minh City for trade. Many sea-object collectors are willing to pay big money for this plant, which is rapidly depleting in the wild. The local authority area has prohibited activities that endanger it, although these efforts do not appear to be making a difference. Another type of coral, black coral (Antipathes dicotoma), is also being exploited for trade. On January 10, the patrol team of the Sa Ky border post stopped a motorbike in the Tinh Khe Commune of Son Tinh District. The driver was caught transporting 215kg of black coral (Antipathes dicotoma) illegally.
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Five logging cases in four days
On January 7, Krong Nang police found 19m3 of rare timber at Cu Klong Commune in Dak Lak Province, with three violators later being accused of exploiting and transporting the timber. The following day in Dong Thap Province, a man was caught transporting  12m3 of timber illegally. The Lam Dong FPD also discovered a car transporting 26 pieces of timber without permits on the same day. On January 10, two other transportation cases involving a total of 10 timber boxes were found in Binh Phuoc Province.
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Nghe An: Wild elephant disturbs villagers
In the Thach Giam Commune of Tung Duong District, a wild elephant unexpectedly appeared at night and destroyed many huts in the area for nearly a week. Being worried by the animal’s destruction, villagers and the authorities fired warning shots to scare it away. The elephant was thought to have come from Pu Mat National Park.
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Quang Ninh: Man caught transporting rare species
On January 10, Quang Ninh traffic police discovered a man carrying six common slow lorises (Nycticebus bengalensis) illegally along highway 18A.
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Series of wild birds killed in bird garden
According to an article on website, a famous bird garden just 60 kilometers from Hanoi is home to many types of bird and it is believed to provide a good habitat for them. Unfortunately, thousands of birds are being killed each day by the owners of the garden. Scientists and the local people are displeased with the issue.
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Phu Yen: Ninety-six monkeys find a new home
Following concerns raised in an article published on the website about the sale of 96 macaques to a private farm, on January 8, the Tuy Hoa Confiscated Asset Valuation Council met and decided to return 31 million VND to the farm owner who had bought the macaques (Macaca fascicularis) four days earlier. The farmer was asked to look after the animals for one more week whilst a new home was sought for the animals. On January 14, the Soc Son Wildlife Rescue Center confirmed that they would  adopt the macaques.
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Yok Don National Park: Road construction violation
Although the Prime Minister has not yet issued a decision to change the designated use of forest land in the Yok Don National Park and the managers of the park had not moved all the forest products in the proposed construction area, two firms went ahead and began construction of a new road by leveling the ground. On December 31 2009, managers of the National Park met with the two firms and ordered them to immediately stop work and leave the forest.
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Law documents

Stricter regulations for violations against the environment
In December 2009, the Government issued Decree 117/ND-CP, which replaced Decree 81/22006 on regulations for environmental violators. The new Decree will come into effect on March 1, 2010. According to this document, individuals and organizations violating environment protection regulations are liable to receive warnings or pay fines ranging from VND 100,000 to VND 500,000,000 based on the severity of the breach.
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