News Brief (E348, 7Jan, 2010)

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Tien Giang: Snake released into Dong Thap Muoi Natural Reserve
The Forest Protection Department released 96 kg of snakes into Dong Thap Muoi Natural Reserve. The snakes were discovered during an illegal transportation case and included species such as the Indochinese rat snake (Ptyas korros) and the radiated rat snake (Elaphe radiate).
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Dong Nai: Penalty for loggers
On December 30th, five defendants involved in an illegal logging case were brought to trial. Four defendants received prison sentences ranging from six months to two years, with the fifth defendant receiving a six- month probationary period. The group also received fines of over 76 million VND in total. The group had been caught logging 6.5m3 of rare timber in the area in the previous week.
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Illegal timber mills in Quang Binh
It has been reported that among the 356 timber mills in the province, only 76 have legal operation permits. The remaining 280 timber mills are operating outside of the authorities’ control. These shops are reportedly contributing to the logging problem in the province.
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Dac Lac: Wild elephant found dead
On January 2nd, the Ea Sup Police Team discovered the remains of a wild elephant in the Ea Sup District. The elephant was found with its trunk, part of its tail and some toenails missing.
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Phu Yen: Query into sale of macaques to commercial farm
The author of the article published in the website was concerned that the Tuy Hoa Confiscated Asset Valuation Council quickly auctioned off 96 long-tailed macaques without receiving confirmation about the farm conditions that they were being sold into, nor obeying regulations. On January 2nd, Tuy Hoa Police Team discovered the macaques in a car when it had been stopped for speeding. The animals were then sold to a turtle farm owner in Dong Hoa District for more than 31 million VND.
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Hanoi: Garbage issue still a big problem
Rubbish bins are not located in big markets, places of interests and apartments, and the areas that have rubbish bins suffer from uneven distribution. Responding to the situation, the local authorities confirmed that Hanoi’s streets will have nearly 2,000 bins installed in the near future.
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Rivers crying for help
According to a recent article published on Cong An Nhan Dan Newspaper, ecosystem changes, over-exploitation, the introduction of exotic species and global climate change have all been cited as putting the Dong Nai River and Mekong River into grave danger. It can be seen that water from these rivers is being heavily polluted which directly affects biodiversity. Hydroelectric dams also limit water flows leading to changes in the ecosystem of the two rivers.
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ENV’s activities

Bear bile signboards removed
This week ENV Wildlife Crime staff has succeeded in persuading seven restaurants and residential homes in Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Quang Tri and Ho Chi Minh City to remove advertisements for bear bile. These successful cases were the result of contributions by residents via ENV’s hotline, and ENV staff and ENV Volunteers working closely together. ENV Volunteers helped to monitor these restaurants and homes after ENV staff had discussed the issue with the owners.

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