News Brief (E347, 31 Dec, 2009)

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Dac Lac: Forest kept alive by a legend of love
While nearly all of the forests in Dac Lac have been destroyed, a primeval forest just 13 kilometers from Ea Pok town still remains because of an interesting love legend associated with it and this legend has played an important role in conserving the forest. If legends had existed in other highland villages and residents grew up with these stories, it is likely that forests in these areas may have been preserved.
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Hai Phong: Students poisoned by exhaust fumes
Eighty-six students and their teacher at the Quan Toan Secondary School have been in the hospital for two months after being poisoned by exhaust fumes from nearby steel companies. Following the hospitalizations, seven steel companies were forced to stop operations.
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Firearms an issue in central highlands
Hunters have been increasingly using guns to kill wild animals in forests. Firearms are banned but many people still possess weapons despite the banMoreover, firearms can still be purchased and some hunters have taken to making homemade rifles.   Especially dangerous is the ’super gun‘, which can kill a large of animals at the same time. The easy access to guns in the central highlands is putting wildlife in danger of extinction.
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Dac Lac elephants risk extinction
Dac Lac province has the most elephants remaining in the wild in Vietnam (according to the article), with about 80-110 wild elephants and 61 domestic elephants. However, the number of elephants is declining rapidly and they are facing the risk of extinction.
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Thanh Hoa: Two men arrested for attacking ranger
On December 25th, Thanh Hoa Police arrested a man and his son for illegally transporting timber and attacking rangers.
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Bac Giang: Police dies trying to arrest logger
On December 25th, the Deputy of Tien Thang Commune Police was stabbed to death in a protected forest area of Tien Thang commune in Yen The district when he and his colleagues tried to stop loggers illegally transporting wood from the forest.  
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Men caught transporting wild animals
On December 27th, Hanoi Traffic Police stopped a car carrying seven civets and other wildlife parts. In a separate case in the capital, Hanoi Police discovered two persons transporting two king cobras (Ophiophagus hannah) without permits. Earlier in Ho Chi Minh City, police arrested a man for transporting seven porcupines, 14kg of Chinese cobras (Naja atra) and 0.5kg of banded kraits (Bungarus fasciatus).
(Vietnamese version),%2029%20Dec%2009).PDF

Binh Thuan: Wildlife discovered at restaurant
The Ham Thuan Nam District Forest Protection Department recently discovered a restaurant keeping nearly 100kgs of wildlife, including snakes, monitor lizards (Varanus sp.), civets, turtles and jungle fowl at Tan Lap commune in Ham Thuan Nam district.
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Law documents

New decree: Stronger effect in protecting wildlife
From December 1st, 2010, Decree 99 regarding management and protection of forest and forest products will become effective. The law will be tighter on matters of raising, trading and transporting wildlife. Violators who break the law will face fines of up to 500 million VND or will be subject to criminal charges.
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Tien Giang: Promulgating instructions about wildlife protection
Tien Giang People's Committee has recently promulgated instructions to protect wildlife by banning the advertisement and trade of wildlife and wildlife products, or illegally keeping wildlife.
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