News Brief (E345, 18 Dec, 2009)

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Hanoi: Man arrested for transporting king cobra
On December 10th, Hanoi Environmental Police teamed up with the Thach That police and arrested a man carrying 150 kilos of king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) at Lai Thuong commune in Thach That district.
(Vietnamese version),van_chuyen_150kg_ran_ho_mang_chua.html

Quang Nam: Two illegal wildlife-keeping spots discovered
On December 10th, Quang Nam provincial FPD coordinated with Quang Nam Environmental Police discovered two places keeping and trading illegally nearly 1.2 tons of wildlife, including wild pigs, turtles, brush-tailed porcupines, civets, monitor lizards, porcupines, pangolins, munjacts and snakes at Binh Nguyen commune in Thang Binh district.
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Thai Nguyen: Ranger killed trying to stop logger’s car  
In the early morning of December 15th, a ranger was crushed to death when he tried to stop a car carrying illegally logged wood at Phu Thinh commune in Dai Tu district. He died on the way to hospital and the driver was caught 20 hours later after fleeing the scene. This is the fifth attack by loggers on rangers in the area for 2009. Earlier, three rangers were attacked when they arrested subjects exploiting ore illegally in Tam Dao National Park. In another case in Binh Dinh, a group of ruffians went into the Hoai An district FPD station to attack 4 rangers.   
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Quang Binh: Baits may be used to kill monkeys
According to an article in the Tien Phong newspaper on December 7th, hunters and residents in Phong Nha- Ke Bang National park are using Chinese mouse baits to kill a large number of monkeys. However, answering at Quang Binh People’s Council session, the Director of the National Park refuted this information and stated that no restaurants in the area sell products made from monkeys and residents did not use baits to kill monkeys.
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Businesses encouraged to protect wildlife
Last weekend, nearly ninety chief executive officers of State-owned enterprises, multinational corporations as well as private entrepreneurs attended a workshop on the protection of Vietnam’s wildlife in Tam Dao district of Vinh Phuc province. The attendants discussed the corporate social responsibilities they share in ensuring sustainable development.
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