News Brief (E308, 27 March, 2009)

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Ho Chi Minh:  Traditional medicine business caught illegally keeping wildlife
On March 20th, 2009 the Ho Chi Minh Environmental Police Department apprehended the owner of a traditional medicine shop in District 5 for illegally possessing quantity of wildlife including 2.7kg of rhino horns, 17.3kg of elephant tusks, 30kg of elephant hide, 0.9kg of elephant tails, 44kg of pangolin scales and six lorises. Many other body parts of rare wild animals were also found in this resident’s house in Go Vap District.
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Nghe An: Illegal transportation of pangolins prevented
On March 21st, 2009 the Nghe An Provincial Traffic Police apprehended the driver of a car which was illegally transporting 229kg of live pangolins, 32kg of dead pangolins and 32kg of pangolin scales. The evidence was confiscated for further investigation.
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Thai Nguyen: Two illegal timber transportation cases stopped
On March 18th, 2009 the Thai Nguyen Provincial Police stopped a man illegally transporting over three cubic meters of timber. On the following day, Police caught another car also transporting about three cubic meters of timber without legal permits in Dong Hy District. The cases are being investigated for further information.
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Quang Ninh: Traveling to Ha Long Bay to collect rubbish
A group of youngsters from many cities and provinces made an appointment in Ha Long Bay this weekend, not to have fun, but to collect garbage in the bay. These people met online and have been gathering in Ha Long city on weekends to collect waste at fishing villages on the bay for almost a year. Besides collecting waste, volunteers try to increase the local fishermen’s awareness about environmental protection.
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ENV’s activities

The tiger, king of the jungle, featured in Green Forest
Tigers have long been considered a significant part of Vietnamese culture. Tigers are respected for their power and beauty, and considered to be king of the jungle (ong ba muoi).
Unfortunately, the tiger’s powerful status has not protected them well from their most lethal predator – humans. Hunting and illegal trade of tigers combined with loss of prey species and rapidly disappearing habitat, have driven tigers to the brink of extinction across their range.
A tiger, longing to be released from a cage and returned to the wild, is featured on the front cover of the 29th issue of ENV’s popular student nature magazine, Green Forest. In this issue’s feature section, readers have the opportunity to learn more about these magnificent animals and the threats they face to their survival.

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