News Brief (E304, 27 February, 2009)

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Phu Tho: Resident illegally keeping wild animals
On February 21st, 2009 the Phu Tho Provincial Environmental Police Department caught a household in Thanh Thuy District illegally keeping 44 kg of wild animals of which some were dead or frozen. 
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Dac Lac: Wild elephants threaten villagers
Around 50 wild elephants have recently been spotted roaming la R’ve border commune in Ea Sup district, looking for food and causing local residents to worry about the risk of possible attacks. According to wildlife experts, the rapid loss of the area’s natural forest has resulted in the depletion of their once-abundant supply of food, causing the elephants to move to other areas in search of food.
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Dac Lac - Ha Giang: More cases of illegal timber transportation uncovered
On February 19th, 2009 Buon Don Forest Protection Unit caught a driver of a car illegally transporting 20m3 of timber. The evidence was confiscated and the offender is being held in temporary custody. In a separate case in Ha Giang on February 20th, 2009 the District Mobile Forest Protection Team stopped a car transporting 4m3 of rare timber without legal permits.
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Vietnam to join Earth Hour 2009
At 8:30pm on March 28th, thousands of people in Vietnam will switch off lights and electric appliances in their houses for one hour as part of the Earth Hour 2009 program. This will be the first time Vietnam will participate in this campaign which aims to raise awareness about climate change.
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ENV’s activities

Lang Son - Ha Noi: More macaques confiscated by FPD
A macaque was confiscated from a wildlife restaurant in the northern province of Lang Son after a local resident notified the national hotline and reported the animal was being kept in a cage behind the establishment. The macaque will be transferred to Soc Son Rescue Center. In another case in Ha Noi, forest rangers confiscated two pig-tailed macaques and a long-tailed macaque from a gas station after an unidentified man reported the crime to the Wildlife Crime Hotline. The three macaques were transferred to Soc Son Rescue Center.
All five native macaque species in Vietnam are listed as protected under Group 2B of Decree 32.  Macaques and parts or products made from macaques may not be bought, sold, traded, or possessed without a legal permit. ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit documented 165 cases involving illegal possession or trade of macaques in Vietnam between 2006-2008.

ENV Mobile Education Unit in Central Provinces
ENV’s Mobile Education Unit recently visited the central provinces of Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. In Nghe An the ENV team gave a presentation on illegal wildlife trade for 350 students from Vinh University. The Vinh University students then joined ENV staff in undertaking surveys of local restaurants, food stalls and other places suspected of illegally keeping wildlife. The ENV team also held the exhibition “Bring Peace to Vietnam’s Bears” in Ho Chi Minh square which drew substantial interest and support from the Vinh community. In Thanh Hoa, the team gave an illegal wildlife trade talk to nearly 300 students from the College of Natural Resources and Environment in Bim Son town. The college students and ENV staff also undertook wildlife crime surveys in the area.

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