News Brief (E302, 13 February, 2009)

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Lao Cai:  Resident fined 20 million VND for illegally keeping an Asiatic black bear
The Provincial Forest Protection Department has fined a household in Bao Yen District 20 million VND for keeping an 80kg Asiatic black bear (Selenarctos thibetanus) without legal permits. The bear is still being kept by the household but under the authorities’ management.
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Forest protection law violation cases in January 2009
In January 2009, across Vietnam, there were 2,438 cases involving people caught violating forest protection laws. Two thousand, two hundred and forty-one of these cases have been dealt with, and in 2,222 cases the subjects were fined. In total fines against offenders amounted to approximately 15 billion VND.
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Gia Lai - Phu Yen - Binh Phuoc: More cases of illegal transportation of timber
In Gia Lai, authorities recently stopped a car illegally transporting 6.341m3 of timber. In another case, Phu Yen ranger unit uncovered the illegal exploitation of 1,100 trees. In Binh Phuoc the Provincial Police caught a car transporting five cubic metres of rare timber without legal permits. The cases are being investigated for further information.
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Ninh Thuan: Fourteen new species of rare palms found in National Park
On February 7th, 2009 experts from the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources in Vietnam and New York Botanical Garden announced the recent discovery of fourteen new species of rare palms (Licuala) in Nui Chua National Park. At least 1,265 other species of plants and 306 species of animals occur in the National Park, of which many are listed in the IUCN global threatened species Red List.
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ENV’s activities

Ho Chi Minh:  Loris transferred to FPD by local resident
A loris has been handed over to the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Center by a Ho Chi Minh resident after the man called the ENV hotline to say that he found the animal.  It later turned out that he had been keeping it for some time and wished to transfer it to authorities.  Lorises are protected under Group 1B of Decree 32.  It is illegal to buy or possess a species listed under Group 1B without a legal permit. 

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