News Brief (E301, 6 February, 2009)

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Ha Tinh: Clouded leopard found on Ha Tinh beach
On January 27th, 2009 a resident in Nghi Xuan District in Ha Tinh province found a 16 kg clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) on a beach. He handed it over to the Provincial Forest Protection Department and it was subsequently released into Ke Go Nature Reserve.
(Vietnamese version)

Khanh Hoa:  Illegal transportation of two black-shanked douc langurs
Authorities in Ninh Hoa District recently discovered two dead black-shanked douc langurs being (Pygathrix nigripes) illegally transported. The evidence is being kept in the District’s Forest Protection Department for further investigation.
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Binh Duong - Gia Lai: Illegal transportation of rare timber confiscated
On January 28th, 2009 Binh Duong Traffic Police stopped two lorries illegally transporting 10m3 of rare timber. In a separate case in Gia Lai, the Provincial Environmental Police confiscated approximately 30m3 of illegal timber. The cases are being investigated for further information.
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Quang Binh: Ranger severely injured in attack by loggers
On February 2nd, 2009 a ranger from Khe Giua State Forest Enterprise in Le Thuy District sustained significant injuries including a broken leg and the severing of one of his ears in an attack by loggers who were caught illegally transporting timber.
(Vietnamese version)

“Conservation of Primate in Indochina” Symposium Abstracts
In late November 2008, scientists from Southeast Asia gathered at Cuc Phuong National Park for a symposium on the unique primates of Indochina. The abstracts for thirty-nine of the presentations have been included in the symposium proceedings.
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ENV’s activities

Wildlife Crime Bulletin (December 2008)
This edition of ENV”s Wildlife Crime Bulletin provides information and analysis of efforts to combat wildlife crime in Vietnam over the period of July to December 2008. It is distributed to enforcement agencies throughout Vietnam. The feature story in this edition examines the issue of auctioning off wildlife and the effects of this practice on the wildlife trade. As usual our case log section provides an account of many of the cases for which the ENV Wildlife Crime Unit has tracked over the period including cases in which public participation has played a critical role.

Quang Binh:  Macaques Rescued with Help of Volunteer
Two macaques that were being kept illegally at the home of a local resident in Quang Ninh district were turned over to authorities and transferred to the Phong Nha Rescue Center. The macaques were initially reported to the ENV Wildlife Crime Hotline by a student volunteer from ENV’s national Wildlife Volunteer Network. Macaques are protected under Decree 32, listed in group 2B.  It is illegal for people to possess macaques and other protected species without a permit from the authorities.

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