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News Brief (E299, 16 January, 2009)

Top News

Wildlife trade network discovered
On January 10th, 2009 the Hanoi Environmental Police, in cooperation with the Dong Da District Police, confiscated about two tons of animal bones and parts including tiger skins and skeletons, bear paws, serow bones, bear gall bladders, and many teeth and claws of a number of unidentified species in a resident’s house.
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Hanoi: Illegal transportation of wild animals confiscated
On January 12th, 2009 the Hanoi Environmental Police Department confiscated 16 king cobras (Ophiophagus hannah) concealed in a suitcase and bags at Hanoi Railway Station. The cobras have been transferred to Soc Son Rescue Center and the subjects are being held in temporary custody.
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Illegally transported rare timber uncovered
On January 11th, 2009 rangers in Phu Ninh District in Quang Nam province seized 15.7m3 of timber concealed in a car. In a separate case in Kon Tum on January 7th, 2009 the authorities discovered a man illegally transporting 28 logs of timber.
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Da Nang: Two subjects posing as army officers caught illegally transporting timber

On January 9th, 2009 Hoa Vang District’s Forest Protection Unit caught two men disguised as army officers attempting to illegally transport 1.8m3 of timber. The evidence was confiscated for further investigation.
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Dong Thap: Turtles transferred to Tram Chim National Park
In Dong Thap, the Provincial Fisheries Department recently transferred 70 turtles to Tram Chim National Park.
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ENV’s activities

Pig-tailed macaque voluntarily turned over to rescue center
On January 14th, 2009 Education for Nature (ENV) was informed by TRAFFIC, the international wildlife trade monitoring network, of a Hanoi resident who wanted to voluntarily turn over a pig-tailed macaque to a rescue center after a long time of keeping the animal as a pet. The ENV Wildlife Crime Unit contacted Soc Son Rescue Center and the resident to help with the placement of the animal. One day later the macaque was transferred to Soc Son Wildlife Rescue Center.

Critically endangered turtles rescued from trade
On January 8th, 2009 Quang Ngai Forest Rangers and Environmental Police confiscated 19 turtles from the home of a trader including several critically endangered species that are known only to live in
Vietnam. The ENV Wildlife Crime Unit coordinated the transfer of the turtles to the Turtle Conservation
Center at Cuc Phuong National Park.

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